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Andrew Fischer in runs up field with ball

Crimson receiver and returner Andrew Fischer breaks loose for a 58-yard run in the second quarter—one of several huge plays on the day. 

Photograph by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images


A sensational performance leads Harvard over Yale.


Outdoors at Boston's Armenian Heritage Park

Armenian Heritage Park

Photograph by Yerevanci/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Scavenger-hunting in historic Boston

November-December 2020

In Harvard Yard, workers unload gigantic heads of lettuce and other greens from a truck prominently labeled United Farm Workers as students celebrate the University's decision to support the union workers by buying only UFW-certified produce.

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

November-December 2020

Master Yon Lee extends his hands in a tai chi pose.

Master Yon Lee leads a beginner tai chi course on the MAC Quad.

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/HPAC

The healing of Master Yon Lee

November-December 2020

Photograph of Louisa Thomas standing outside

Louisa Thomas

Photograph by T.J. Kirkpatrick

Louisa Thomas takes a different view.

November-December 2020

Football player Chubb Peabody, in pads and helmet, charges forward.

Hard hitting and with a keen nose for the ball, Endicott “Chub” Peabody II was not to be messed with.

Photo collage by Harvard Magazine/JC


1941: “Chub” Peabody ’42 bottles up “Barnacle Bill.”


Harvard's Terence Patterson catches a pass under pressure from two Yale defenders during The Game 1999. 

Photograph by Dominic Chavez/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

1999: Terence Patterson ’00 and his four scores


Barry Wood
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Athletic Communications. Photo collage by Harvard Magazine/JC

October 19, 1929: Barry Wood Beats Army, 20-20


Bill Keenan and Trevor Gretzky

Bill Keenan with actor Trevor Gretzky on the set of Odd Man Rush.

Bill Keenan ’09 brings his first book onto the screen. 


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