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Photograph of several players competing for the puck in front of the Harvard goal

Mind the net: Sophomore goalie Lindsay Reed, flanked by teammates Ali Peper (13) and Nicki Lutschaunig (12), homes in on a speeding puck during a January win against Union College. Last year, Reed averaged more than 30 saves per game. 
Photograph by Gil Talbot/Courtesy of Harvard Athletics Communications



The many saves of a six-foot goalie


Four score: With Yale's Melvin Rouse II in vain pursuit, Harvard's Aidan Borguet heads for the goal line. The Crimson freshman back rushed for a series single-game record 269 yards and amassed four touchdowns on only 11 carries.
Photograph by Tim O'Meara/The Harvard Crimson

Harvard falls to Yale in The Game 2019. 


Penn's kicker, Jake Haggard, punts the football.

Doink! Harassed by Harvard’s Adam Shepherd (86), Penn’s Jake Haggard punts the ball into the back of teammate Ben Padon. The kick traveled only seven yards and the Crimson turned the miscue into a field goal.
Photograph by Tim O’Meara/The Harvard Crimson

Another loss for the hapless Crimson


Batch Catch: Having beaten Columbia's Fara'ad McCombs, Crimson junior wide receiver James Batch prepares to reel in a first-quarter touchdown pass.

Photograph by Tim O'Meara/The Harvard Crimson

Another crushing defeat for Harvard.


Harvard defensive back Max Jones knocks a ball out of the hands of Dartmouth wide receiver Drew Estrada
Max effort: On a first-quarter interception, Harvard junior defensive back Max Jones makes a mid-air steal from Dartmouth wide receiver Drew Estrada. 
Photograph by Tim O'Meara/The Harvard Crimson


The Crimson lose in heartbreaking fashion.


Harvard wide receiver runs up field, away from Princeton defenders.

He went thataway: With the Harvard sideline supplying motivation, Jack Cook sets sail for the Princeton end zone to complete a 73-yard pass-and-run touchdown that gave the Crimson a halftime lead. The senior wideout had eight receptions for 141 yards, both game highs.

Photograph by Tim O'Meara/The Harvard Crimson

Harvard falls to the undefeated Princeton Tigers.


Photograph of the Murr Center

The Murr Center

Photograph by Daderot/Wikicommons

Outgoing athletics director Bob Scalise on recruitment, sports and society, and the educational role of sports


Harvard senior Cody Chrest runs with ball in hand

Cody Express: Having nabbed a pass from quarterback Jake Smith, Harvard senior wideout Cody Chrest (team-high four catches) outlegs Holy Cross defensive back Devin Haskins for a 68-yard touchdown.

Photograph by Tim O'Meara/The Harvard Crimson

Harvard prevails at Holy Cross Homecoming. 


Portrait of Robert L. Scalise

Robert L. Scalise

Photograph by Gil Talbot

Scalise has been Nichols Family Director of Athletics for the past 18 years.


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