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We have handoff: After receiving the ball from quarterback and classmate Jake Smith, Harvard sophomore running back Aaron Shampklin scanned the line for an opening—the kind that he ran through all afternoon.
Photograph by Gil Talbot/Courtesy of Harvard Athletic Communications


A strong start, and for Crimson running back Aaron Shampklin, a breakout day


Harry Parker at the 2013 EARC Sprints, where his varsity eight once again took home the gold.

The head men's heavyweight crew coach at Harvard for 51 years died at age 77.


Teams from Boston College, Boston University, Harvard-Radcliffe, Holy Cross, Northeastern, and MIT went head to head in five crew events, all wearing identical “Row For Boston” T-shirts, designed by Corinne Wee ’13.

Senior Corinne Wee’s T-shirts put unity on display at the Women's Crew Beanpot this past weekend.


From Charlie Brickley’s amazing 1913 Yale Game feat to the fourteenth-seeded men's basketball win over New Mexico in 2013, vote for the greatest moment in Harvard sports history.


Assistant coaches Cory Bosworth (women's heavyweight crew), Brian DeStefano (men's basketball), and Andrew Rueb (men's tennis) get ready for class.

A Back to School program took many Harvard coaches into classrooms with their athletes.


Howard, 2nd row center, captained his team to a silver medal this week.

The Canadian alumnus and his teammates scored in the eight-oared event.


U.S. oarswomen Esther Lofgren ’09  (third from left ), who rowed in the #3 seat,  and Caryn Davies ’05 (second from right), who stroked the boat, celebrate with teammates after winning their Olympic gold medals.

The U.S. women's eight-oared crew triumphed in London, with two alumnae aboard.


Caryn Davies rowing in a pair in 2011

Nine athletes and a coach with Harvard ties will represent five countries at the 2012 Olympic Games.


The Harvard heavyweight varsity pulls away from its Molesey/Oxford Brookes opponents.

The Harvard varsity men's heavyweight crew win the Ladies' Challenge Plate at the regatta.


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