Paul Gleason

Sculptor James Dinerstein’s work fuses ancient and modern art

Sculptor James Dinerstein’s works in concrete and bronze fuse ancient forms with modern abstraction.

Imagining the Past

Sara Houghteling’s first novel, Pictures at an Exhibition, tells the story of a young man who searches post-war Paris for both his lost love and his father’s stolen art collection.

Rx for the Books

McKay professor of applied biology Ralph Mitchell and postdoctoral fellow Nick Konkol work with preservation librarians to develop a test that can detect damaging mold in books before it becomes visible.

Retirement Engine Rebuilt

Skeptical of both defined-benefit and defined-contribution retirement plans, Harvard Business School professor Robert Merton proposes a hybrid, SmartNest, to overcome the shortcomings of each.

Up in the Air

Aerial photographer Alex MacLean documents the effects of the American lifestyle on the American landscape.

World-Wide Web of Life

James Hanken of the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology and other scientists launch an ambitious project to chronicle all life on earth.

A Durable Bubble

Mechanical engineering student Emilie Dressaire studies tiny bubbles that can last up to a year and replace fat droplets in ice cream.

Slavery’s Sway

Interdisciplinary economist Nathan Nunn explores the problem of African underdevelopment by drawing on—and unearthing—historical data about slavery.

The Maximalist

After a childhood spent playing the classics, cellist Matt Haimovitz has devoted himself to new music.

Seeing the Field

Francine Polet brings international experience and tactics to the Harvard field-hockey team.

Man, Mongoose, and Machine

Standing outside a Sri Lankan army base in the spring of 2007, Thrishantha Nanayakkara mapped an entire minefield without once setting foot in it.

Works and Woods

Architecture and ecology in Japan...