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The commencement festivities conclude with addresses by President Neil L. Rudenstine, Amartya K. Sen and Seamus Heaney. Top MONDAY, JUNE 5...

The commencement festivities conclude with addresses by President Neil L. Rudenstine, Amartya K. Sen and Seamus Heaney.


50th Reunion Symposium, at 1:30. "A Half Century of Change: Race, Admissions, and the Harvard Community," with classmates Fred Glimp, Frank Jones, and John Simon; moderated by Adams University Professor emeritus Bernard Bailyn. Sanders Theatre.





Phi Beta Kappa Literary Exercises at 11, with poet Heather McHugh '69 and K Anthony Appiah, professor of Afro-American studies and of philosophy. Sanders Theatre.

50th Reunion Symposium, at 2. "The World Economy: Convergence and Conflict," with classmates George Lodge and Gordon MacDonald; moderated by Stone professor of international trade Jeffrey Sachs. Sanders Theatre.

Baccalaureate Services for graduating seniors, at 2. Memorial Church.

Senior Class Picture, at 4. Widener steps.

Class of 2000 Clambake, at 6. $35 per person, reservations required. Gordon Indoor Track and Tennis Facility.

Harvard Extension Alumni Banquet, at 6. Advance reservations required. Quincy House Dining Room.

Divinity School Reunions reception and dinner, from 5:30. Harvard Club of Boston.




Divinity School Alumni/ae Day, with worship at 9; panel discussion, "Suffering and Social Change," at 10; followed by luncheon on Andover lawn at noon.

50th Reunion Memorial Service, at 9 in Memorial Church, followed by Class Picture, at 10:30 on the Widener steps.

25th Reunion Class Picture, 9:30. Widener steps.

25th Reunion Memorial Service, 10:30-11:30. Memorial Church.

ROTC Commissioning Ceremony, at 11. Steps of Memorial Church.

50th Reunion Spotlight, at 11:30. "Reflections on a Career in Public Service," with classmate James Schlesinger (see page 83). Location TBA.

Business School Class Day Events, 11:30-6, for students and guests.

Senior Class Picnic, noon. The Old Yard.

Law School Alumni Spread, 12-2. Jarvis Field, behind Harkness Commons.

Senior Class Day Exercises, at 2, featuring the Harvard and Ivy Orations and guest speaker Conan O'Brien '85. Open to the public. Tercentenary Theatre.

Business School Class Day Ceremony, at 2:30. Andrew Grove, chairman of Intel, will speak. By ticket only.

Law School Class Day Ceremony, at 2:30, with Meet the Press host Tim Russert.

50th Reunion Symposium, at 2:30. "A Witness to Public Education," with classmates Robert Coles, Nicholas Cunningham, and Barbara W. Snelling; moderated by Nathan Glazer, professor of education and social structure emeritus. Location to be announced.

25th Reunion Symposiums, 3-4:30. Locations to be announced.

Division of Medical Sciences Alumni Sponsored Symposium, 3-5. "Current Topics in Biomedical Research," with Pusey professor Carla Shatz (neurobiology) and Professor Alfred Goldberg (cell biology); moderated by Professor Thomas M. Roberts, chairman of the division. Preregistration required. Cannon Room, Building C.

Kennedy School Commencement Speaker, time and speaker to be announced. Kennedy School Forum.

Dudley House Master's Reception, 4-6, for undergraduate and graduate degree candidates. Dudley House Dining Room.

Masters' Receptions, time varies by House, for members of the senior class. The Undergraduate Houses.

Law School Reception, 4-6. Jarvis Field.

Medical School Reception, 4-6, for graduates and their families. Tosteson Medical Education Center.

Divinity School Graduation Service, at 4:30. Memorial Church. Reception immediately following on Andover lawn.

Graduate School of Education Pre-Commencement Ceremony, at 5, Gutman Conference Center, followed by Commencement Celebration Dance, 8-12, in Radcliffe Yard.

Graduate School of Design Reception, 5:30-7:30. Gund Hall Garden.

Division of Medical Sciences Reception, 6-8, for graduates, their families, and alumni. Courtyard Café, Alpert Building.

Band and Glee Club Concert, at 8. Tercentenary Theatre.

Law School Class Final Bash, 9-1 a.m. Jarvis Field Tent.





Law School Champagne Breakfast, 7-8:30. Jarvis Field Tent.

Commencement admission
and ticketing information.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Breakfast, 7:15. Bio Labs Courtyard.

Business School degree candidates assemble, 7:30. Baker Library.

Yard Gates open, 7:45.

Senior Class Chapel Service, 8:15. Memorial Church.

Alumni/ae Procession begins, 8:45. Academic procession follows, 9:05. The Old Yard.

Harvard Medical School Faculty Symposium, 9-12. "Harvard Medical School and Its Affiliates--New Programs and New Science," with faculty members Hugh Auchincloss, William Crowley, Andrea Dunaif, David Nathan, Steven Weinberger, and Raphael Dolin (moderator). Pre-registration required. Amphitheater D, Building D.

Harvard Medical School Class of 1975 Symposiums, 9-12. I. "Medical Science in the Twenty-first Century," with classmates Jennifer Puck, Ellis Reinherz, Gus Vlahakes, David Zaleske, and Stephen B. Calderwood (moderator); II. "Health for the New Millennium--A Population Perspective," with classmates David Bor, Diana Petitti, Ulder Tillman, and Claire Broome (moderator). Pre-registration required. Walter Amphitheater, Tosteson Medical Education Center.

The 349th Commencement Exercises, at 10. Tercentenary Theatre.

Business School Luncheon, 11:30-12:30, for graduates and their guests. Tickets required. Designated locations at Kresge. (If raining heavily, luncheon will take place at the Gordon Indoor Track, behind Harvard Stadium.)

GSAS Diploma-Awarding Ceremony, 11:45, at Sanders Theatre, with champagne reception and buffet luncheon at Bio Labs Courtyard.

The General Alumni/ae Spread, 11:45. $20 per person. The Old Yard.

Luncheon and Diploma Ceremonies for seniors, 11:45. The Undergraduate Houses.

The Tree Spread, for College classes of 1917-1949, 11:45. Alumni are guests of the College; all others, $35 per person. The North Yard.

Kennedy School of Government Diploma Ceremony, 11:45, followed by luncheon. JFK Park. By ticket only.

Graduate School of Design Diploma Ceremony, noon. A luncheon follows. Gund Hall Garden.

Divinity School Spread, at noon, for graduates and guests, followed by the presentation of diplomas at 1. Andover lawn.

Graduate School of Education Diploma Ceremony, noon, in Radcliffe Yard, followed by lunch in Cronkhite Garden.

Law School Luncheon and Diploma Ceremony, noon. Holmes Field.

Medical School and School of Dental Medicine Class Day Ceremony, with luncheon at noon, followed by presentation of diplomas at 2. Medical School Quadrangle.

Business School Diploma Ceremony, 12:30-2:00. Aldrich Lawn. (If raining, ceremony will take place in the Bright Hockey Rink, behind Harvard Stadium)

Extension School Diploma Ceremonies, at 1. Loeb Drama Center.

Extension School Certificate Ceremonies, at 1. Lowell Hall.

Harvard Medical School Class of 1975 Symposiums, 1:30-5. III. "Clinical Medicine--Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges," with classmates Renée Gardner, James Iglehart, Martha Magoon, Mark Shields, and Joseph G. Maloney (moderator); IV. "Personal Perspectives," with classmates Ray Hammond and Henry Lerner, and clinical instructor in psychiatry Stephen Bergman (moderator); V. "Great Expectations--The Experiences of Women and Minority Members of the Class," with classmates José Rigau-Perez, Laura Tosi, and Judith Huff (moderator). Pre-registration required. Walter Amphitheater, Tosteson Medical Education Center.

Alumni Parade begins, 1:45. The Old Yard, in front of Harvard Hall.

Business School Reception, for graduates, guests, faculty members, and staff. 2-4:30. Kresge Tent.

School of Public Health Diploma Ceremony, at 2:30, with a guest speaker, to be announced. Kresge Courtyard.

The Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association, at 2:30, featuring speeches by President Rudenstine and a distinguished guest. Tercentenary Theatre.

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus Annual Commencement Dinner, at 6. Reservations required for the dinner; no reservations required for drinks (4:30-6) or the after-dinner program (at 8), with keynote speaker Kevin Jennings '85, executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education network (GLSEN). Call (617) 441-9498 or e-mail [email protected] for details. The Faculty Club.

Radcliffe Welcome Dinner, 6-9, with Mary Maples Dunn, acting dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Advance registration required. Greenleaf House Tent, 76 Brattle Street.

School of Dental Medicine Commencement Banquet, at 6. By reservation only. Harvard Club of Boston.

Harvard Medical School Millennial Banquet for Alumni and Alumnae, with a reception at 6:30, dinner at 7:30. Pre-registration required. Sheraton Boston Hotel.

Business School Post-Commencement Event at 9. By reservation only. Location to be announced.





Morning Exercises

To accommodate the increasing number of those wishing to attend Harvard's Commencement Exercises, the following guidelines are proposed to facilitate admission into Tercentenary Theatre on Commencement morning:

Degree candidates will receive a limited number of tickets to Commencement. Parents and guests of degree candidates must have tickets, which they will be required to show at the gates in order to enter Tercentenary Theatre. Seating capacity is limited. However, there is standing room on the Widener steps and at the rear and sides of the Theatre for viewing the exercises. Note: A ticket allows admission into the Theatre, but does not guarantee a seat. The sale of Commencement tickets is prohibited.

Alumni/ae attending their major reunions (25th, 35th, 50th) will receive tickets at their reunions. Alumni/ae in classes beyond the 50th may obtain tickets from the Classes and Reunions Office, Wadsworth House.

Alumni/ae from non-major reunion years and their spouses are asked to view the morning exercises over large-screen televisions situated in the Science Center, Sanders Theatre, most of the undergraduate Houses, and professional schools. These locations provide ample seating; tickets are not required.

A very limited supply of tickets will be made available to all other alumni/ae on a first-come, first-served basis through the Harvard Alumni Association, Wadsworth House.

Afternoon Exercises

The Harvard Alumni Association's Annual Meeting convenes in Tercentenary Theatre on Commencement afternoon. All alumni and alumnae, faculty members, students, parents, and guests are invited to attend and hear President Rudenstine and the Commencement Speaker deliver their addresses. Tickets for the afternoon exercises will be available through the Harvard Alumni Association, Wadsworth House.

 ~Richard M. Hunt, University Marshal




35th Reunion Class Picture, at 9:15. Widener Steps.

35th Reunion Symposiums, 10-12. Locations to be announced.

Radcliffe Commemorative Service, at 9. Memorial Church.

Harvard Medical Alumni Day Symposium, 10-12:30. "The Harvard Medical Community on the Threshold," with Deans R. Bruce Donoff (Dental Medicine), Barry R. Bloom (Public Health), and Joseph B. Martin (Medicine). Pre-registration required. Medical School Quadrangle.

Radcliffe College Alumnae Association Symposium, 10:15-12:15. "Fixing the Future--Problem Solving for One World," with Antonia Handler Chayes '50, June Cross '75, JoAnn Manson '75, Susan Okin, Ph.D. '75, Janet Giele, Ph.D. '61, BI '72, Farai Chideya '90, and moderator Judith Farris Bowman '61. Loeb Drama Center.

Radcliffe College Alumnae Association Luncheon, at 12:30, including an address by Dr. Susan Love, cofounder of the National Breast Cancer Coalition and winner of the 2000 Radcliffe Medal. Advance registration required. Radcliffe Yard.

35th Reunion Symposiums, 1:15-3. Locations to be announced.

Radcliffe College Alumnae Association Annual Meeting, at 2:30. including presentation of the Distinguished Service Awards, the Alumnae Recognition Awards, the Graduate Society Medal, and the Opel Young Alumna Award. Agassiz Theatre.

25th Reunion Symposia, 3-4:30. Locations to be announced.

35th Reunion Memorial Service, at 3:15. Memorial Church.

25th and 50th Reunion Night at the Pops, at 8. Symphony Hall.





For details about Harvard reunions and class events for graduating seniors, contact the classes and reunions office of the Harvard Alumni Association, Wadsworth House, at (617) 495-2555 or (617) 496-ALUM; [email protected]; or

For details about Radcliffe reunions, contact the Radcliffe College Alumnae Association Office, 79 Brattle Street, (617) 495-8641; [email protected]; or

For details about pre-registration for Medical Area symposiums, contact Nora Nercessian at (617) 432-1560 or [email protected].

The Harvard Information Center, Holyoke Center, is open Monday through Saturday, 9 to 4:45, and can be reached at (617) 495-1573.


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