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Prize professors...

Prize Professors

Seven members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences were recognized as Harvard College Professors, a distinction conferred for excellence in undergraduate teaching: William E. Gienapp, professor of history; Peter A. Hall, Thomson professor of government; Jay M. Harris, Wolfson professor of Jewish studies; Thomas F. Kelly, professor of mu­sic; Richard M. Losick, Cabot professor of biology; Howard A. Stone, McKay professor of chemical engineering and applied mechanics; and Maria M. Tatar, Loeb professor of Germanic languages and literature. The five-year appointments include a semester of paid leave, commensurate summer salary, or a fund to support research.


First Carnegie Class

The Carnegie Corporation of New York has awarded its initial Carnegie Scholars grants. Among the first dozen scholars, who receive up to $100,000 over two years to support innovative research, are Caroline M. Hoxby ’88, Kahn associate professor of economics (vouchers, charters, and price issues in school choice), and Michael J. Sandel, professor of government and Harvard College Professor (the effects of markets on public life).


Faculty Farewells

As the academic year ended, 11 members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences moved to emeritus or research professor status: Peter S. Ashton, Bullard professor of forestry; James N. Butler, the McKay professor of applied chemistry; Alfred W. Crompton, Fisher professor of natural history; Donald H. Fleming, Trum­bull professor of American history; Heinrich D. Holland, Dudley professor of economic geology; Jerome Kagan, Starch professor of psychology; Richard E. Kronauer, McKay professor of mechanical engineering; William Paul, Mallinckrodt professor of applied physics and professor of physics; Derek A. Pearsall, Gurney professor of English literature; Hilary W. Putnam, Cogan University Professor; and Ezra F. Vogel, Ford professor of the social sciences.


Chinese Curatorship

Alan J. Dworsky, L ’55, M.B.A. ’66, has endowed the Sackler Museum’s curatorship in Chinese art. Robert D. Mowry, who has been curator for the Asian department since 1992, is the inaugural appointee.


Sporting Scene

Inside linebacker Isaiah Kacyvenski ’00—who holds Harvard game, season, and career tackling records—was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth round of the National Football League’s draft. Teammates Mike Sands, a defensive end, and Chris Eitzmann, a tight end, were offered free-agent contracts by Pittsburgh and New England, respectively. Separately, Francis J. Toland, senior associate director of athletics, who joined the department in 1959, retired this June.   

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