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A correspondence corner for not-so-lost words


William Coperthwaite seeks the source of "No night for sound, yet from the glen/Come fusillades of frost:/The random shots of frightened men/Who scatter and are lost."

Marc White requests a source for "Is your earth happy or your heaven sure?"

Rachel Arnow-Richman asks if anyone can provide an authoritative source for "The work will teach you how to do it," often labeled an Estonian proverb.

Jonathan Bartel would like the actual words of a comment he recalls by newly elected Vice President Hubert Humphrey: "I now join the ranks of such notable Americans as Hannibal Hamlin, Levi P. Morton, Elbridge Gerry...."

"Love loves to love love" (September-October). Hal Wasserman was the first to identify this sentence from episode 12 ("Cyclops") of James Joyce's Ulysses (page 273 in the 1986 Gabler edition). Eliot Kieval cited also a 1967 song with this title by the British pop singer Lulu, later "'sampled' by recording artist Fatboy Slim in his own 'Santa Cruz.'"

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