Learning More about LTC

Following are resources for finding out more about long-term-care planning, options, cost, and insurance coverage.



The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Long-Term Care Planning, by Marilee Driscoll (Alpha Books, 2003).

J.K. Lasser’s Choosing the Right Long-Term Care Insurance, by Ben Lipson (John Wiley & Sons, 2002).

Long-Term Care: Your Financial Planning Guide, by Phyllis Shelton (Kensington Publishing Corp., 2003).




Shopper's Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance (Weiss Ratings Inc., 2004). Prepared by an independent firm that rates insurance companies’ financial stability, this report helps consumers compare policies and find reliable insurers in their states. To order, visit www.weissratings.com, or call Weiss Ratings at 800-289-9222.

Planning for Long-Term Care and Private Long-Term Care Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy are inexpensive guides offered by the National Council on Aging. To order, visit www.ncoa.org and click on “General Interest.”

A Guide for Families: Having the Conversation about Long-Term Care is a free brochure from the American Health Care Association.  To download or read on-line, visit http://www.longtermcareliving.com/pdf/conversation.pdf. To request a print copy, call 800-628-8140.

The Harvard Generations Policy Journal explores age-related issues on a variety of subjects, including health care and insurance. To read on-line, visit www.genpolicy.com.



AARP Research Center (http://research.aarp.org/health/index.html).  Free reports on regional and national long-term care (LTC) issues.

Consumer Law Page (www.consumerlawpage.com/article/insure.html).  San Francisco law firm’s on-line guide to avoiding fraud when buying Online guide to avoiding fraud when buying LTC insurance. 

ElderLawAnswers.com (www.elderlawanswers.com). Articles, cost calculators, a glossary, and state-by-state information about LTC. 

ElderWeb (www.elderweb.com): News, articles, and links to other LTC resources.

Long-Term Care Connection (www.ltcconnection.com). Insurance industry fact site about LTC coverage.

Long-Term Care Insurance Knowledge Center (http://hiicap.state.ny.us/ltc/kc/index.htm).  LTC primer prepared by New York State Office for the Aging offers information useful to residents of any state.

Long-Term Care Consultants (www.ltcconsultants.com). News, information, and advice on LTC planning and insurance. 

Long-Term Care Link (www.longtermcarelink.net). LTC articles, services, resources and links.

Long-Term Care Living (www.longtermcareliving.com). Information on assisted living and other care options; glossary of LTC insurance terms.

Medicare (www.medicare.gov; click on “Long-Term Care”). Federal government’s official Medicare information site.

MetLife Mature Market Research Institute (www.maturemarketinstitute.com). Insurance company research center offers free brochures on caregiving, cost, and coverage, available to download or read on-line.

Mr. Long-Term Care (www.mr-longtermcare.com). Details on insurance from an agent/advocate with first-hand experience in using LTC coverage.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Eldercare Locator (http://www.eldercare.gov/Eldercare.NET/Public/Index.aspx). Searchable site helps visitors find local service providers. To receive similar assistance by telephone, call 800-677-1116.

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