Early Autumn Sports


After a 1-0 loss to Vermont, the men’s side (4-3-1) ran off three wins over Coastal Carolina, Maine, and Fairfield before dropping their opening Ivy game to Yale, 3-1, and losing a 3-0 lead as Rhode Island came back to win in overtime, 4-3. Charles Altchek ’07 led the early scoring with six goals.

The women booters (5-3-1) got off to a 4-2 start, including a win over Miami of Ohio in the Harvard Invitational finals. The Ivy season started with a 0-0 tie against Penn and a 2-1 loss to Yale in overtime. Megan Merritt ’07 paced the scoring with two goals and two assists.

Field Hockey

In their first six games, the stickwomen (5-4) lost only to Maryland, 1-0, while downing Penn and Connecticut by 1-0 scores. Then they suffered consecutive defeats by Brown, Providence, and nationally fourth-ranked Duke, scoring only once in those three losses — and, against Duke, being outshot, 26-0. Jen McDavitt ’07 led all scorers with two goals and three assists.

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