John Harvard's Journal

Election Results

Newly elected Overseers and Harvard Alumni Association directors

News in Brief

New deans, Overseers’ leaders, retiring arts impresario, and more

Alison Simmons

A philosopher on perception, the canon, and being “a minded thing” 

by Nina Pasquini

The Yard Libraries, Reimagined

An ambitious plan for the next century of learning

by Nina Pasquini

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history

Commencement Confetti

Seniors’ work plans, Sasha stylin’, reunion sonnet, and more

The Week’s Words

Commencement rhetoric on threats to higher education, melding divergent views, doing good, and combating the loss of trust

Locked In

Addressing bias and hatred, challenging governance, reacting to protest, and trying to find a way forward

by John S. Rosenberg