Comings and Goings

University clubs offer a variety of stimulating gatherings. Here is a list of Harv-ard-affiliated speakers appearing at local clubs this spring. For details, contact the club in question, call the HAA (617-495-3070), or go to

On May 4, the Harvard Club of Phoenix hosts Ted Gilman, program administrator at the Reischauer Institute, for a lecture on “Japan, the U.S., and Asia: Crisis as Usual.” On May 7, associate director of the Davis Center for Russian Studies Marshall Goldman looks at “Putin, Petroleum, Power, and Patronage: The Dog Barks but the Caravan Moves On” for the Harvard Club of Westchester. Members of the Harvard Club of the Research Triangle (Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina) can hear Graduate School of Arts and Sciences dean Theda Skocpol, Thomas professor of government and sociology and director of the Center for American Political Studies, discuss “African-American Fraternal Groups, Civil Democracy, and the Struggle for Equal Rights” on May 9.

In Chicago, on May 10, a Graduate School of Arts and Sciences event features Shattuck professor of government Paul Peterson on “The Perilous State of the American School: What Needs to Be Done.” Peterson also appears on May 17 at the Harvard Club of New Bedford-Fall River (Massachusetts) to address “School Reform.”

On May 15, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study executive dean Louise Richardson puts “Terrorism in Context” for members of the Harvard Club of New Jersey. The Old Colony Harvard Club (South Shore of Massachusetts) holds a reception on May 16 for head football coach Tim Murphy, who discusses “Athletics at Harvard.” Also on May 16, director of the Harvard Foundation and associate professor of neurology S. Allan Counter Jr. presents “The Harvard Foundation: Harvard’s Enlightened Approach to a Multicultural Society” for members of the Harvard Club of Toronto. That same day, the Reverend Peter J. Gomes, Plummer professor of Christian morals, appears in Pittsburgh for the Harvard Club of Western Pennsylvania.

On May 17, the Harvard Club of Oregon and Southwest Washington welcomes Ali Asani, professor of the practice of Indo-Muslim languages and cultures, for a lecture on “Anti-Western Movements in the Muslim World.” Also on May 17, associate dean of freshmen and member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Rory Browne discusses “How Harvard Invented the Gorilla” for the Harvard Club of Worcester (Massachusetts). The Harvard Club of Eastern Michigan (Detroit) offers members the chance to hear Joseph Majzoub, Rotch professor of pediatrics and professor of medicine, explore “The Science of Genetic Testing for Diseases and the Ethical and Practical Issues It Poses” on May 21.

On June 6, David Cobb, the head of the University’s map collection, visits the Harvard Club of Southern Connecticut. The following day, he appears before members of the Harvard Club of Northern Connecticut.

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