Hiram Hunn Awards

Six alumni are to receive this year’s Hiram S. Hunn Memorial Schools and Scholarships Awards, presented by the Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. The class of 1921 graduate recruited and interviewed prospective students for more than 55 years in Iowa and Vermont; this year’s winners (who are recognized for their work on schools and scholarships committees worldwide) have collectively performed more than 185 years of service. They are to receive their awards at an October 13 ceremony.

James M. Dyer

James M. Dyer ’60, of New York City. As an alumni leader with more than three decades of interviewing experience, Dyer has met personally with hundreds of applicants, none more nervous than he himself when interviewed (as a Brooklyn high-school senior 50 years ago) by H.V. Kaltenborn, A.B. 1909, the prominent radio commentator. As subcommittee cochair of his local schools and scholarships committee, Dyer continues to ensure that more than 800 applicants from the five boroughs are interviewed each year.

Sylvia Gerson

Sylvia C. Gerson ’70, Ph.D. ’75, of Fort Myers, Florida. She began interviewing applicants in 1978 and has chaired the local schools and scholarships committee since 1983. Gerson also served four years as president of the Harvard Club of Lee County, Florida, and was HAA regional director for Western Florida from 1999 to 2003. In 2000, she received the HAA Harvard Club Award.

John L. Gierak

John L. Gierak ’74, of Birmingham, Michigan. A 30-year veteran volunteer of schools and scholarships work, he also served as president of the Harvard Club of Eastern Michigan from 1988 to 1990, and has been cochair of the local schools and scholarships committee since 1992.

Barbara (Frogel) Rippa

Barbara (Frogel) Rippa ’55, of South Burlington, Vermont. Trained by Hunn himself, Rippa has been active in interviewing and recruiting College candidates in Northern Vermont for 30 years.

Joan Porter MacIver

Joan Porter MacIver ’75, of Halstead, England. She has participated in schools and scholarships work since graduation, and has focused on applicants in and around London (with forays to Wales) since 1993. She was also president of the London Harvard club from 2000 to 2002.

Edward C. Thayer

Edward C. Thayer ’51, of Berkeley, California. As a new alumnus, Thayer worked with the first recipient of the Hunn Award, the late Dana Cotton, Ed.M. ’43, and later with a young admissions officer, John P. Reardon ’60, now the HAA’s executive director. He began interviewing candidates in 1960, and has served as chair of the local schools and scholarships committee. He was also an HAA regional director for three years in the mid 1970s.

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