Candidates for Election

This spring, five new Harvard Overseers and six new elected directors for the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) board will be chosen by alumni. Election results will be announced at the HAA’s annual meeting on June 7, Commencement day. All Harvard degree holders, except Corporation members and officers of instruction and governance, are entitled to vote for Overseer candidates; all degree holders may vote for director candidates.

The candidates, listed below in their order on the ballot, are:


For Overseer (six-year term, five to be elected):

Ronald Cohen
Lucy Fisher
Yuki Moore Laurenti
Champ Lyons Jr.
Richard A. Meserve
Lisa M. Quiroz
Richard R. Schrock
Stephanie D. Wilson

Richard A. Meserve, J.D. ’75. Washington, D.C. President, Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Lucy Fisher ’71. Los Angeles. Film producer and co-head of Red Wagon Entertainment.

Lisa M. Quiroz ’83, M.B.A. ’90. New York City. Senior vice president, corporate responsibility and inclusion, Time Warner Inc.

Ronald Cohen, M.B.A. ’69. London. Chairman, Portland Capital and The Portland Trust.

Champ Lyons Jr. ’62. Montgomery, Alabama. Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Alabama.

Richard R. Schrock, Ph.D. ’71, Cambridge. Keyes professor of chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Yuki Moore Laurenti ’79. Trenton, New Jersey. Director of capital campaign, Isles Inc.

Stephanie D. Wilson, S.B. ’88. Houston. NASA astronaut.


For Elected Director (three-year term, six to be elected):

Nana Amma Twum-Danso ’94, M.D. ’98. Decatur, Georgia. Physician; director, Mebendazole Donation Initiative, The Task Force for Child Survival and Development, Emory University.

Phuong-Vien Nguyen ’86. Corona del Mar, California. Vice president, Morgan Stanley.

Sally Williams-Allen, M.A.T. ’65, Paris. Senior adviser in alumni relations, INSEAD business school.

William E. Markus ’60. Pittsburgh. President, Markwalt Incorporated.

Stephen W. Baird ’74. Chicago. President and CEO, Baird & Warner Inc.

Elena C. Crespo ’89, M.B.A. ’93. New York City. Senior vice president, director of client management, Citi Analytics, Citigroup Inc.

B. Lane MacDonald ’88. Boston. General partner, Alta Communications.

Catherine A. Gellert ’93. New York City. Partner, Windcrest Partners.

Richard B. Cooperstein ’88, M.B.A. ’95, Burbank, California. Senior vice president, finance, business development and equity ventures, Walt Disney Company.

Stephen W. Baird
Richard B. Cooperstein
Elena C. Crespo
Catherine A. Gellert
B. Lane MacDonald
William E. Markus
Phuong-Vien Nguyen
Nana Amma Twum-Danso
Sally Williams-Allen

The HAA nominating committee proposes Overseer and elected director candidates each year. The committee’s 12 voting members include three current or former Overseers and nine other alumni chosen by the HAA’s executive committee. Overseer and HAA elected director candidates may also be nominated by means of petitions signed by a prescribed number of eligible degree holders and filed by a set date early in the year.

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