Cryptic Puzzle: Trees

Solve the most recent creation of puzzlemaker John de Cuevas '52

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"Where the Trees Stand Still" solvers
(The first ten are listed in the order their solutions were received, the others alphabetically)

1.     Thomas Wilson – South Williamsport, PA
2.     Judy Adamski – Jenison, MI
3.     Ned Robert – Los Gatos, CA
4.     Rick Kasten – Alexandria, VA
5.     Stan Kurzban – Chappaqua, NY
6.     Jim Christenson – Port Townsend, WA
7.     Daniel J. Milton – Vienna, VA
8.     Lewis Gee – Poway, CA
9.     Norman W. Davis – Englewood, NJ
10.  Cathy Childs – Pompano Beach, FL
Dale Ashworth – San Francisco, CA
Al Backiel – Ridgewood, NJ
Tom Barnet – Spartanburg, SC
Robert Brown – Albuquerque, NM
Noam D. Elkies (A.M.'86, Ph.D.'87) – Cambridge, MA
Warren Fraser – Marmora, Ontario, Canada
Stan Francuz – Somewhere in Australia
Richard Friedman '71 – Silver Spring, MD
Michael N. Geselowitz – Cedarhurst, NY
Ralph Jones  – Aurora, CO
Doug Kouril –  Arlington, VA
Mary Lyndal Nyberg – Manhattan, KS
Andrew Oakes – Half Moon Bay, CA
Joe Rogers – Old Greenwich, CT
Charles J. Rohrmann, Jr. – Scarsdale, NY
Mordy Rosen – Berkeley, CA
Arthur Schless – Unionville, PA
Joe Schrader – Hillsboro, OR
Dexter Senft  – Bedford, NY
Carolyn G. & Robert M. Smith – Massena, NY
Donald Stanley – Littleton, CO
Stephen Throop – Grover, NC
Steve Tice – Great Falls, VA
Margaret Webster  – Medford, MA
Jay Winter – Farmington Hills, MI
Edward Stejskal -- Raleigh, NC 

You can find all 35 puzzles published in Harvard Magazine between 1986 and 1998 at John de Cuevas’s website——under Harvard Puzzles. You will also find additional puzzles and contact information there and can subscribe to his mailing list.

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