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Former Ledecky Fellows in their own words:

"From [senior editor] Jean Martin, I learned that precision is love. To choose the right word, to turn a phrase until it says just what you mean, is a way of caring for the reader who is going to meet you halfway.”
~Miriam Udel
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Miriam Udel.

 "The editors [at Harvard Magazine] edited my work to a professional standard and, in the process, began to teach me how to write. I discovered that I loved the process of working over text for the glossy page, enough that it has become my profession. More than that, the editors cared—about the magazine but also, more remarkably, about those of us who were young and trying to find our voices in it, against better odds.”
~Nathan Heller
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"I can’t think of a more worthwhile expense than fostering young writers and journalists, especially in a world where serious journalism is under attack. It’s going to take increasing amounts of courage to enter this already competitive field, knowing that now your life may literally be on the line. It’s also never been more important. In a country where checks and balances are eroding and truth is under attack, journalists are the final stop.”     
~Sean Presant
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Over the years, our fellows have written about every dimension of life at the College, from student activism to Harvard’s cutthroat exclusivity to making friendships while living off campus. They trust us with their most intimate thoughts and experiences, and their heartfelt essays continue to sing on the page, issue after issue. Here, we’ve curated a selection of Undergraduate essays we think you’ll love


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