Abiding curiosity, adventuresome spirit, great smile, healthy irreverence. Companionable, very good-looking blonde—toned, easygoing, quick to laugh, eager to learn. Slender, athletic, self-professed foodie, avid aspiring photographer. Lively, generous, philanthropic, proactive. Seldom complains ("unless I've just hit tennis ball over the fence"). Loves a challenge: composing photo shots, skiing the headwall (or trying to), streamlining committee programs, working on advocacy case. Passionate traveler: Myanmar, Paris, Savannah, trekking Grand Canyon. Loves being at home: cozying up with book, cooking for friends, sneaking out to local Philharmonic or movie. Seeking athletically inclined, fit, savvy, professional, man 58-78, 5'9"+—curiosity to travel, explore the world. Prefers Protestant/Catholic background. [email protected], 561-601-8202.

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