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The psyche, kindergarten, more mushroom verse

January-February 2011


Head to Toe

Daniel Lieberman tracks the evolution of the human head.

by Jonathan Shaw

Kermit Roosevelt

Brief life of a Harvard conspirator: 1916-2000

by Gwen Kinkead

Models—and Mud—in Amazonia

Students grapple with the fate of the rainforest in a changing climate.

by Jonathan Shaw

A Tragedy and a Mystery

Understanding suicide and self-injury

by Elizabeth Gudrais

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Virus-Sized Transistors

Chemist Charles Lieber and his colleagues have developed a nanoscale transistor so small it can enter, probe, and communicate with cells without harming them.

Who Is Poor?

A multidimensional poverty index, based on the ideas of Amartya Sen, reveals a different map of the world's poor.

Gaming the Emotions

At Children's Hospital Boston, a video game offers emotionally explosive youths methods of self-control.

John Harvard's Journal University news

The Corporation’s 360-Year Tune-Up

The senior governing board revises its "composition, structure, and practices."

Mike Way

A new squash coach has arrived from Canada.

Where the Women Are—and Aren’t

Highlights from a recent report on faculty development and diversity

Retiring from the Ranks

A quarter of the eligible senior faculty accept Harvard's retirement offer.

A Digital Public Library?

Leaders of research libraries, foundations, and national cultural institutions gathered at Harvard to discuss the feasibility of creating a national digital library.

Unifying Harvard’s Libraries

The Task Force on University Libraries recommends a coordinated management structure for the entire system.

Yesterday's News

Headlines from Harvard history

No Surprises

The University's annual financial report portrays an institution adapting to an era of reduced revenues and expenses.

Back to the Bond Market

The University's offerings will refinance debt and finance various capital projects.


HBS building boomlet and innovation lab, Rhodes and Marshall Scholars, HMS Center for Primary Care, studying "institutional corruption," and other University news

Comparing Notes

The Undergraduate and her law-student mom ponder career choices.

With Warm Thanks

Recognition for three distinguished contributors

Four in a Row

A spectacular kickoff return inspirits another triumph over Yale.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Dark Beauty

A tense thriller, with ballerinas

Chapter and Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Storytelling with Sondheim

Librettist John Weidman writes books for the best.

A Story Curled Inside

"In Motion: The Experience of Travel," by Tony Hiss, makes the case for mindful attention to one's environs—even the most ordinary.

American Ratification

The great experiment in constitution-making

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Telegraph Avenue Troubadour

Singer David Berkeley's songs glow with a strange light.

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Books behind Bars

Avi Steinberg's memoir of life as a prison librarian

Crimson in Congress

An update on alumni on Capitol Hill

A Milestone for Asian-American Alumni

A three-day summit draws more than 400 participants from across six decades.

Harvard Arab Weekend

The fourth annual gathering focuses on the global economy in the Middle East.

Heritage and Service

Harvard's Cuban-American Undergraduate Student Association hosts its first alumni conference.

Harvard’s 360th

Early information on Commencement

The SIGnboard

Shared Interest Group winter events

Space Architect

Constance Adams seeks creative solutions for extreme problems, and new ideas for this planet.

Independent Historian

Daniel Rasmussen's new book rescues the forgotten facts of the largest slave revolt in U.S. history.

Enterprising Women

Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang founded and run the popular Internet site Her Campus.

The Classes

Harvard alumni may sign in to view class notes and obituaries.