A Democratic Landscape

Michael Van Valkenburgh and the making of Brooklyn Bridge Park

Off the Shelf

Painting with Monet, birding with Thoreau, and other recent books

Art Al Fresco

Kathleen Hudson paints landscapes in the wild.

by Brandon Rosas

Part of the Ensemble

Broadway music director Madeline Benson on art and collaboration

by Lydialyle Gibson

On Being “Printerly”

An art historian analyzes an overlooked medium.

by Murray Whyte

Developing Dads

Exploring the evolutionary biology of human fathers as caretakers

by Richard G. Bribiescas

Off the Shelf

Nicholas Kristof reporting, why voting matters, becoming famous, and more in books

Israel, Idea and State

How should Progressive Jews reconcile the changing nature of Israel today as state and ideal?

Dominica’s “Bouyon” Star

Musician “Shelly” Alfred’s indigenous Caribbean sound

by Jose Alison Kentish

Quantum Leaps

Ballerina and quantum physicist Merritt Moore ’11 connects humans and machines.

by Nina Pasquini

In Egypt, Doors Closing

Leslie T. Change ’91 explores the lives of three women in the Egyptian textile industry.