State-Sponsored Discrimination

The role of zoing law and housing in making America more unequal—and what to do about it

The Men Who Can’t Be Saved

Novelist Ben Purkert’s playfully serious look at masculinity

by Stuart Miller

Off the Shelf

Recent books on camping outdoors, economic opportunity, the women of NOW, and more

The Sound of Science

Composer and biophysicist Amir Bitran

by Nancy Walecki

Life’s Blueprints

The development of developmental biology

by Jonathan Shaw

“Shotgun” Diagnosis

The virtues of inaction in delivering medical care

“You Need to Move”

A vivid account of climate change and resilience

Something from Nothing

Painter, animator, illustrator, and silhouettist Susan Bin

by Max J. Krupnick

For the Homies

In José Olivarez’s poetry, the political is personal.

by Josie Abugov

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections