“You Need to Move”

A vivid account of climate change and resilience

Comedy with a Conscience

Jimmy Tingle’s political humor in a polarized era

by Craig Lambert

Pinned in Memory

Susan Rubin Suleiman’s memoir of a life in Nazi Hungary—and after

Finding the Movie

Screenwriter Julian Breece on “writing from the soul”

by Lydialyle Gibson

Off the Shelf

In love with Harvard Square, the invention of ICUs, Seamus Heaney

Stories of a Not-So-Distant War

Novelist V.V. Ganeshananthan on writing diasporic fiction

by Bailey Trela

The Modern World Reconceived

Interpreting politics through the rise of technocracy, morality, and the “web of capital”

by J. Bradford Delong

Attuned to Pianos

An instrument restorer’s beautiful obsession

by Lydialyle Gibson

Emily Dickinson—Dashed

Alexandra Petri introduces the poet to tech support for help with her keyboard.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections