Spellbound on Stage

Actor and young adult novelist Aislinn Brophy

by Lydialyle Gibson

Educational Ascent

Ruth Simmons on her ascent from sharecropper’s daughter to scholar

Reviving Black Classical Music

Pianist Gerry Bryant highlights black composers.

by Max J. Krupnick

Shakespeare’s Uncanny Presence

Marjorie Garber explores the bard’s influence on the Bloomsbury Group.

Inclusive Design, Incisive Art

Amy Yoshitsu’s vision for change

by Claire Zulkey

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

How Revolutions Happen

Robert Darnton on the origins of the French Revolutionary temperament

State-Sponsored Discrimination

The role of zoing law and housing in making America more unequal—and what to do about it

The Men Who Can’t Be Saved

Novelist Ben Purkert’s playfully serious look at masculinity

by Stuart Miller

Off the Shelf

Recent books on camping outdoors, economic opportunity, the women of NOW, and more

The Sound of Science

Composer and biophysicist Amir Bitran

by Nancy Walecki