Mechanical Intelligence and Counterfeit Humanity

Reflections on six decades of relations with computers

by Harry R. Lewis

Decoding the Deep

Project CETI’s pioneering effort to unlock the language of sperm whales

by Jonathan Shaw

John H. Finley Jr.

Brief life of a masterful House Master: 1904-1995

by Constantine Archimedes Valhouli

Parks for Tomorrow

Bas Smets harnesses nature to cool cities.

by Max J. Krupnick

The Gravity of Groups

Mina Cikara explores how people come into conflict, in politics and beyond

by Max J. Krupnick

Plants on a Changing Planet

How long will the world’s forests impound carbon below ground?

by Jonathan Shaw

The Homelessness Public Health Crisis

Homelessness has surged in the United States, with devastating effects on the public health system.

by Lydialyle Gibson

Benjamin Smith Lyman

Brief life of the vegetarian trailblazer, 1835-1920

by Christine M.E. Guth

Diagnosis by Fiction

The “Healing Quartet,” by “Samuel Shem,” probes medicine—and life.

by Craig Lambert

Why Americans Love to Hate Harvard

The president emeritus on elite universities’ academic accomplishments—and a rising tide of antagonism

by Derek Bok

How Birds Lost Flight

Scott Edwards discovers evolution’s master switches.

by Veronique Greenwood