A “Scholar’s Scholar”

A profile of Harvard’s thirtieth president

by John S. Rosenberg

The Return of History

Ukrainian scholar Serhii Plokhy on the war in his home country

by Lydialyle Gibson

Getting Close, in Selma

Acting at a moment of conscience

by Drew Gilpin Faust

Short and Sweet

Larry Bacow’s Harvard presidency, beyond the pandemic

by John S. Rosenberg

“This Beautiful Machine”

Paola Arlotta’s organoids provide a window into the human brain.

by Lydialyle Gibson

Sound as Ever

Gram Parsons and Harvard’s hand in country rock

by Nancy Walecki

Ursula B. Marvin

Brief life of a pioneering planetary geologist: 1921-2018

by David A. Kring

Learning from Indian Country

MASS Design’s Sustainable Native Communities Design Lab

by Mark Travis

Designing Good Lives

MASS Design’s domestic housing, health, and sustainability practice

by Mark Travis

Building a Better World

MASS Design’s healing architecture

by Mark Travis