Anna Jacobson Schwartz

Brief life of a pioneering economist: 1915-2012

by Jennifer Burns

Ursula B. Marvin

Brief life of a pioneering planetary geologist: 1921-2018

by David A. Kring

Building a Better World

MASS Design’s healing architecture

by Mark Travis

Among the Brokenhearted

The ministry of Matthew Ichihashi Potts

by Nancy Walecki

Archibald Henry Grimke

Brief life of a Black Harvard Law School graduate: 1849-1930

by Kerri K. Greenidge

Plumbing the Deep Sea

Peter Girguis probes life on the ocean floor.

by Veronique Greenwood

Ego U

Pursuing their individual brands, colleges neglect the needs of higher education.

by Julie A. Reuben

Henry Clarke Warren

Brief life of a Harvard-educated Buddhist scholar: 1854-1899

by David Gauld

Inner Senses

Nicholas Bellono probes the biological basis of animal adaptations and behaviors.

by Jonathan Shaw

A Higher Degree of Responsibility

On the history and potential of values-driven enterprises

by Geoffrey Jones

To the Rescue

Harvard’s Scholars at Risk Program helps endangered artists and scholars

by Lydialyle Gibson