Mechanical Intelligence and Counterfeit Humanity

Reflections on six decades of relations with computers

by Harry R. Lewis

Winthrop Bell

Brief life of a philosopher and spy: 1884-1965

by Jason Bell

Zelia Nuttall

Brief life of a remarkable anthropologist (1857-1933)

by Merilee Grindle

Break Every Chain

How black plaintiffs in the Jim Crow South sought justice

by Max J. Krupnick

How to Make a Mammal

Studying the fates of cells, Sharad Ramanathan comes closer to understanding the biology of development.

by Jonathan Shaw

The Philosopher of the Real World

Susanna Siegel moves beyond dialectical debates.

by Lydialyle Gibson

Anna Jacobson Schwartz

Brief life of a pioneering economist: 1915-2012

by Jennifer Burns

Harvard’s G.O.A.T.

Remembering Charlie Brickley at the Crimson’s football sesquicentennial

by Dick Friedman

You Are What (Your Microbes) Eat

Diet, cooking, and the human microbiome

by Veronique Greenwood

“Let Us Be Courageous Together”

Claudine Gay’s presidential installation

A “Scholar’s Scholar”

A profile of Harvard’s thirtieth president

by John S. Rosenberg