Passionate photographer, former Silicon Valley CEO, current director public boards. Slim, athletic, really attractive and fit. Casual elegance, lively smile, generous heart, irreverent wit. Excellent traveler, true friend, creative, innovative, charitable, open. Adventurous, fun and funny, never full of herself. Easygoing, curious, modest--finds writing this somewhat over the top. Movie-goer, animal-lover, news-junkie, lousy dancer, hiker (New Zealand, Basque Country, Marin Country--probably not Machu Picchu--too precipitous). Favorites: books on iPad, Stanford continuing ed and basketball games, cashmere sweaters, great restaurants with friends, walking my Border Collie, African safaris, rafting in Alaska, photographing wild animals everywhere, revisiting Europe. Seeks active, articulate man 56 to fit 70, intelligence, street-smarts. [email protected], 650-346-5645.

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