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Lawrence S. Bacow

Addressing international students, and rethinking community safety

12.16.20 | News

Our editors choose their favorite stories from the year.

12.16.20 | At Home with Harvard
Photographic portrait of Philip W. Lovejoy, executive director, Harvard Alumni Association

Philip W. Lovejoy, executive director, Harvard Alumni Association

Photograph by Will Halsey/Courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association

The alumni association announces the inevitable.

12.15.20 | News

Our most-read stories from a dynamic, unprecedented year. 

12.10.20 | At Home with Harvard


Image by Unsplash. 

Amid skirmishing on the stimulus bill, another chance for wider viral detection 

12.7.20 | COVID-19
Rakesh Khurana, Dean of Harvard College, photographed in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Faculty Room

Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana and colleagues are preparing for a larger resident undergraduate population in the spring term. 

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell, Harvard Staff Photographer


After a successful fall term, but with coronavirus protocols still in place, an attempt to accommodate more undergraduates in residence

12.1.20 | News
Carrie Lambert-Beatty headshot over an orange background.

Carrie Lambert-Beatty

Exploring “parafiction” in contemporary art and our post-truth culture—with Carrie Lambert-Beatty, professor of the history of art and architecture and of art, film, and visual studies.

11.30.20 | Podcast

A selection of our readers’ and writers’ favorite longform profiles

11.23.20 | At Home with Harvard
Francesca Dominici headshot over an orange background.

Francesca Dominici

Discussing the link between air pollution and effects of COVID-19, and the importance of data for rapid public-health responses —with Francesca Dominici, professor of biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

11.23.20 | Podcast
Andrew Fischer in runs up field with ball

Crimson receiver and returner Andrew Fischer breaks loose for a 58-yard run in the second quarter—one of several huge plays on the day. 

Photograph by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A sensational performance leads Harvard over Yale.

11.20.20 | Sports