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Harvard Overhauls Disciplinary Procedures

To cope with violations of University statement on rights and responsibilities

by John S. Rosenberg

Harvard’s Development Chief Departs

Brian Lee to step down at end of 2024

by John S. Rosenberg

Teaching Nutrition in Medical Education

Will Harvard Medical School return nutrition instruction to pre-eminence?

by Jack R. Trapanick

Animal (Code) Cracker

After listening to leviathans, an undergraduate comes to conservation.  

by Jonathan Shaw

Breaking Bread

Alexander Heffner ’12 plumbs the state of democracy.

by Jack R. Trapanick

Reading the Winds

Thai sailor Sophia Montgomery competes in the Olympics.

by Max J. Krupnick

Chinese Trade Dragons

How will China’s rapid growth in the clean technology industry reshape U.S.-China relations?

by Olivia Farrar

New Home for ART Underway

American Repertory Theater’s Allston construction announced.

by Jack R. Trapanick

Harvard Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim Task Force Reports

Interim findings and recommendations released

by John S. Rosenberg

Loneliness—Bad for Body and Mind

Harvard study finds link between loneliness and increased risk of stroke among older adults.

by Jack R. Trapanick

Harvard Launches Center for LGBTQ Health

Addressing preventable causes of illness based in discrimination

by Jack R. Trapanick

Is Harvard Antisemitic?

Two reports investigate hatred and anti-Israel sentiment.

by Max J. Krupnick