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Front row from left:  Provost Alan Garber, President Lawrence S. Bacow, and Tom Hanks.  Back row from left: Katalin Karikó, David Levering Lewis, Admiral Michael G. Mullen, Jennifer Doudna, and Hugo Morales. 

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Nobel laureate Jennifer Doudna, Oscar-winner Tom Hanks, Admiral Michael Mullins among those recognized

5.25.23 | Commencement
Ban Ki-moon at podium

Ban Ki-Moon

Photograph by Kayana Szymczak

Ban Ki-moon at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Class Day

5.24.23 | Commencement
Ruth J. Simmons

Ruth J. Simmons 

Photograph by Ryan Doan-Nguyen

Ruth Simmons at the Graduate School of Education’s Convocation

5.24.23 | Commencement
Larry Wilmore delivers the Class Day address

Larry Wilmore delivers the Class Day address.
Photograph by Jim Harrison

In his Class Day address, the television writer/producer encouraged students to follow their dreams

5.24.23 | Commencement

Michelle Yeoh 

Photograph by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

Oscar-winning actress offers advice in Harvard Law School Class Day address.

5.24.23 | Commencement
Paul J. Finnegan and Timothy R. Barakett

Paul J. Finnegan and Timothy R. Barakett 
Photographs courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

With the naming of a new University treasurer, a successful Harvard team begins to turn over—plus a Corporation departure.

5.24.23 | Harvard finances

Top left: Bob Burres and Dawn Oates, Ed.M. ’23. Top right: Aileen Louie, Suevon Lee, Jenn Louie, M.Div. ’23, Alex Louie, Lily Louie, and Arthur Louie. Bottom left: speakers at Harvard’s affinity celebration for Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Desi American graduates. Bottom right: David Lewis, M.P.P. ’23, Taylor Jones, M.P.P. ’23, Raie Gessesse, M.P.P. ’23, Selma Ismail, M.P.P. ’23, Lindsey Batteast, M.P.P. ’23.

Photographs by Ryan Doan-Nguyen

Harvard affinity celebrations honor graduates’ diverse journeys. 

5.24.23 | Commencement
Photo of ROTC graduates being sworn in.

ROTC graduates are sworn in during the commissioning ceremony on May 24th in Tercentenary Theatre.

Photograph by Nell Porter Brown/Harvard Magazine

Sixteen graduates were commissioned into the armed services at the ROTC ceremony.

5.24.23 | Commencement

President Bacow delivering his final Baccalaureate address, to the class of 2023.

 Photograph by Jim Harrison

In his valedictory baccalaureate address, President Bacow emphasizes the value of humility.

5.23.23 | Commencement
Adam Falk delivering his talk in academic robes

Adam Falk

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Natalie Diaz and Adam Falk at the Phi Beta Kappa Exercises

5.23.23 | Commencement