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Katie Lapp

Katie Lapp
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/HPAC

After more than a decade, an institutional voice departs.


5.12.22 | News

This image of Sagittarius A*, captured by the Event Horizon Telescope, is the first direct visual evidence of the presence of this supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. 

IMAGE CREDIT: EHT Collaboration

Scientists affiliated with the Event Horizon Telescope publish the first image of Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

5.12.22 | News
Book cover for Chasing Me to My Grave: An Artist’s Memoir of the Jim Crow South

Chasing Me to My Grave: An Artist’s Memoir of the Jim Crow South


Erin Kelly and Salamishah Tillet honored for “searing” and “stylish” writing in biography and criticism

5.9.22 | News
Ruth Simmons sits at a table on the stage with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Ruth Simmons, Ph.D. '73, who as president of Brown University in the early 2000s commissioned a landmark investigation into its ties to slavery, speaks with Fletcher University Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 

Photograph by Tony Rinaldo Photography; courtesy of Harvard Radcliffe Institute

A conference considering next steps in Harvard’s reparative process

5.5.22 |
The Harvard shield

After much debate, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences votes to adopt a system of previous-term registration for classes.

5.4.22 | Harvard College
Steven Goldstein and moderator Christopher Li

Steven Goldstein, emeritus professor of government at Smith College, with moderator Christopher Li, director of research at the Indo-Pacific Security Project and fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Screenshot by Harvard Magazine 

The East Asian implications of the Russia-Ukraine War

5.4.22 | News

Michelle Wu 

Photograph courtesy of City of Boston

"Defender of equity, inclusion, and opportunity" to address Class of 2022

4.27.22 |
Plaque identifying enslaved people placed on Harvard’s Wadsworth House in 2016

This plaque, placed on Wadsworth House in 2016, began Harvard’s public recognition of its legacy of slavery. The report issued today significantly deepens and broadens that understanding.

Photograph by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

A searching examination of the places kept “outside history,” and steps to come to terms with the University’s past

4.26.22 | News
Avarita L. Hanson, William F. Lee, Dwight D. Miller, Tom Reardon

Top, Avarita L. Hanson and William F. Lee; bottom, Dwight D. Miller and Tom Reardon 

Headshots courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association; background photograph by Jennifer Beaumont/Harvard Magazine; montage by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

Four alumni honored for extraordinary service to the University

4.20.22 | News
Harvard Undergraduate Council logo

The logo of the now-defunct Harvard Undergraduate Council


Amid controversy, the representative student body is replaced.

4.20.22 | News