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A photograph of the exterior of 60 Oxford Street, which will become a hub for quantum science and engineering at Harvard

After renovation, 60 Oxford Street will become the hub for quantum science and engineering at Harvard.

Photograph by Kristina DeMichele/Harvard Magazine. 

Renovation of 60 Oxford Street will create a quantum hub where theorists and engineers work side by side.

4.26.21 | News
Photograph of the world's first net-zero Victorian passive house

The world's first Victorian passive house, at 60 Stearns Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Photograph by Kristina DeMichele/Harvard Magazine

HBS alumna Betsy Harper develops the first net-zero-energy, Victorian “passive house” in the world.


4.21.21 | Architecture
Photograph of Kevin Young

Kevin Young

Photograph by Leah L. Jones, Photographer, National Museum of African American History & Culture, Smithsonian Institution.

The acclaimed poet and director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture will speak at the annual meeting on June 4—and other graduation-week speakers are announced. 

4.19.21 | Commencement
A hybrid classroom showing the large screens enabling a teacher to see all the students, remote or present, as he is followed by a camera operator.

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(1 of 4) The large-screen HELIX system, here deployed in Henry Leitner's Computer Science 1 class, makes it possible for an instructor to teach students who are physically present and see students attending class online, without being confined to a small computer screen at a fixed lectern location; the camera follows the professor and assures that he can be seen effectively by “roomies” and “Zoomies” in a hybrid course.

Courtesy Faculty of Arts and Sciences/ Office of Undergraduate Education

Faculty of Arts and Sciences tests hybrid classrooms and other pandemic adaptations.

4.16.21 | News

From left to right: Walter K. Clair, Nancy-Beth Gordon Sheerr, Preston N. Williams.

Photographs courtesy of HAA. 

Alumni Association announces Harvard Medalists.


4.14.21 | News
Michael Mina holds up a rapid test during a Zoom call with journalists.

Michael Mina holds up a rapid test during a Zoom call with journalists.

Harvard Magazine/JSS 

Rapid COVID-19 tests, of the kind that Michael Mina has been advocating since last year, are finally approved for home use.

4.8.21 | News
An open gate with the Harvard Logo over it

Harvard's acceptance rate drops as applications rise. 

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Daderot

Harvard admits a record-low 3.4 percent of applicants 

4.6.21 | Harvard College
William "Bill" Kristol

William "Bill" Kristol.

Photograph courtesy of Harvard Kennedy School. 

Bill Kristol discusses the future of the Republican Party and the survival of American constitutional democracy. 

4.1.21 | News
A photograph of the entrance to Loeb House, where Harvard’s governing boards meet.

Loeb House, where the governing boards convene 

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/ Caroline Culler

The annual election of Overseers and alumni association directors is under way.

4.1.21 | News
Close-up image of an "ice lantern" (a light set in an ice casing) in the snow on Radcliffe Quad

Cabot House members cheered up the wintry Quad with their hand-crafted ice lanterns. 

Photograph courtesy of Cabot House faculty dean Ian Miller and resident dean Meg Lockwood. 

Undergraduate Houses experiment and innovate in attempts to revive the effervescence that once characterized their student communities. 

3.26.21 | School Year 2020-21