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An art installation designed by local architect Haydee Casellas sits in the center of “Passports: Lives in Transit,” created with glass plates and dozens of passports purchased by the curators on eBay.  

Photograph by Brandon J. Dixon/Harvard Magazine

Houghton exhibit documents “the dream of a globalized world.”

8.1.18 | Museums and Collections

Harvard recently acquired one of Nam June Paik's most famous works, TV Buddha (Bronze Seated Buddha). “I think he is interested in the confrontation between this ancient figure and modern technology, or religion and the secular," says Marina Isgro, who helped curate the exhibit. "But I think he's also really interested in the idea of time and the infinite, or an eternal loop.”

Courtesy of Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gift of the Hakuta Family

Recent acquisitions at the Harvard Art Museums train a fresh lens on photography and video art.

7.31.18 | Museums and Collections

Claudine Gay is the new dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/HPAC

President Bacow’s first major appointment

7.23.18 | News

A rehearsal scene from The Squirrel Plays

Courtesy of Olivia Munk

A graduate’s foray into the “real world” of fringe theater

7.19.18 | Arts

The HGSU-UAW prepares for fall negotiations.

7.16.18 | News

Portraits top to bottom: Robert P. Young Jr and Edward Manfield

Clockwise from left: Photograph by Gary Blakeley/123RF Stock Images; courtesy of the Michigan Supreme Court, courtesy of the Iowa Supreme Court

Edward Mansfield, Robert Young are up for consideration.

7.3.18 | News

Lawrence S. Bacow

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

A community letter as the new administration begins

7.2.18 | News

Robert Reid-Pharr

Courtesy of Robert Reid-Pharr

The CUNY scholar will become the first senior faculty hire for the program, which has added new members in recent years.

6.29.18 | News

A rendering of the building's LED exterior

Rendering courtesy of Promontorio/Merge Architects 

Offices, retail, and a brand new cinema are all in the cards for Church Street. 

6.27.18 | News

FYRE’s student steering committee 

Photograph courtesy of FYRE

Harvard begins a program to acclimate freshmen from “historically marginalized communities.”

6.27.18 | News