Prepare for AI Hackers

Human systems of all kinds may soon be vulnerable to subversion by artificial intelligence.

by Daniel Oberhaus

Deprivation’s Mark on the Brain

Neglected children’s neurodevelopmental impairments persist into young adulthood.

by Daniel Oberhaus

How Coupons Keep Drugs Costly

Pharmaceutical companies subsidize the cost of their drugs to keep prices high.

Hybrid Work’s Sweet Spot

A business school study finds hybrid workers generate more novel and useful information.

by Colleen Walsh

Energy-Saving, Low-Cost Air Conditioning

Two new technologies could provide an eco-friendly cooling solution.

by Nancy Walecki

Reparations for Slavery?

Documenting the history and scope of federal “reparatory compensation.”

by Jonathan Shaw

How the Brain Replays Actions During Sleep

Experiments using a neuroprosthetic reveal nocturnal motor neuron learning.

Who Should Drive an Electric Vehicle?

Targeting the wrong buyers—and producing more greenhouse-gas emissions

by Nancy Walecki

Origins of the Urban Housing Crisis

The high costs of environmental, historic-preservation, and other good intentions

by Jonathan Shaw

Does High Blood Sugar Blunt the Benefits of Exercise?

Understanding “low response to training”—and searching for solutions for diabetics and others

by Daniel Oberhaus