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A few visitors in the arcade overlooking the Calderwood Courtyard of the Harvard Art Museums

Soon visitors will return to the arcade overlooking the museums' Calderwood Courtyard.

Photo: Matthew Montieth; © President and Fellows of Harvard College. Image courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums.


The musems will welcome students back on September 1, and the public on September 4.


The choices and challenges facing the University and the Harvard community


The factors influencing the fall semester—and beyond

July-August 2020

…and the endowment distribution is decreased, as the College completes its plans.


I. Glenn Cohen, faculty director of Zero-L, as he appears in the online orientation to law school.
Courtesy Harvard Law School


An online orientation encourages enrollment at an anxious moment for students—and universities.


Photograph of Bharat Anand

Bharat N. Anand
Photograph courtesy of Bharat N. Anand

A push to emphasize learning rather than teaching

May-June 2020

Professor and platform: William C. Kirby logs on to Zoom from home for his first remote teaching session.

On taking a Harvard Gen Ed class remotely with William C. Kirby


Photograph of Elisa New

Elisa New began teaching online humanities courses in 2013.
Photograph by Rose Lincoln/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Literature professor Elisa New spearheads an online poetry course for talented students in underserved high schools.

March-April 2020

Online summer programs get students ready for inclusive M.B.A., J.D., and M.Ed. studies.

January-February 2020