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Winthrop House interim faculty deans Mary Herlihy-Gearan and Mark Gearan

Photograph by Kevin Colton


After a tumultuous semester, Mark and Mary Herlihy-Gearan take up the reins.


MOOC technology in classroom use, for degrees, and more

November-December 2016

Alan M. Garber

Stephanie Mitchell/HPAC

The provost on the prospects for Harvard’s MOOCs, and other developments in teaching and learning

January-February 2016

Illustration by Robert Neubecker

American higher education and its discontents

November-December 2015

Rendering of planned science and engineering complex in Allston

Rendering by Behnisch Architekten

University news briefs: retaining recruits, online learning, appointments, awards, and more

November-December 2015

Photo of David Malan taking off his Harvard sweatshirt to reveal a Yale one

David Malan, revealing his Yale sweatshirt
Photograph by Ken Yanagisawa

Notes from New Haven, where the most popular course this semester hails from Harvard.


Terry Fisher

Online education looks beyond the MOOC.

July-August 2015

Harvard and MIT researchers mine masses of data about online learning—and begin to address applications to campus classrooms.


HILT conference participants: (top row) Melissa Franklin and Lawrence Lessig; (bottom row) Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and Robert Lue

Harvard explores learning, teaching, and institutional change.