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From the original cover in 1997: John Dockery ’66, the only alumnus to earn a Super Bowl ring (click the white arrow on the right to see full image), displays mementos of his varsity sport. Such three-letter men have given way to single-sport stars like Naomi Miller ’99, a striker on the women’s soccer team. Updated 6/26/19: In 2013, Matt Birk ’98 became the second alumnus to earn a Super Bowl ring, playing for the Baltimore Ravens.


The rise of specialization, year-round competition, proprietary training, and recruiting in student athletics


Spring sports wrap-up

July-August 2012

At home, far from home: New Zealander brothers James (left) and Sam O’Connor in Newell Boathouse

The brothers O'Connor, from New Zealand, row on the Harvard varsity heavyweight crew.

July-August 2012

Harvard Heavyweight Crew from clockwise from top left: associate head coach Bill Manning, Patrick Lapage, head coach Harry Parker, Matthew Edstein, Caspar Jopling, Andrew Reed, Josh Hicks, Andrew Holmes, David Fuller, James O’Connor, Sam O’Connor

The men's heavyweight crew won the championship for the first time since 1977.


March 27, 1999—The Harvard women's ice-hockey team win the national championship.

Athletic accomplishments, highlighted

September-October 2011

25 high moments in Harvard athletics, 1986-2011

September-October 2011

Harry Parker is receiving treatment and reducing his work schedule.


At the Eastern Sprints in Worcester, Harvard’s heavyweights celebrate their win.

A stellar spring for men's crew

July-August 2011

An update on men's and women's crew results

July-August 2010

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