Cherone Duggan

Cherone Duggan ’14 studied Social Studies with a “Digital Media and Cultures” focus field. She spends most of her time thinking, reading, and writing about books and the Internet.

David Deming on tuition-free public college underwritten by existing funds

David Deming says existing federal higher-education subsidies, if redeployed, could make public colleges free.

Electoral College Reform

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Should “acting locally” become a legal mandate?

In combatting climate change, will courts hold that the general welfare trumps local sovereignty?

Google’s Parisa Tabriz speaks at Harvard Women Engineers WECode conference

The Harvard Women Engineers Code (WECode) conference encourages all genders in technology fields.

An Irish Harvard College student's local family

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The Undergraduate discovers doubt is the place from which to start

The Undergraduate discovers that doubt is the place from which to start.

A Harvard undergraduate ponders "the most precious of resources"—time

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Harvard Summer School proctor looks back on her own student experience

The Undergraduate proctors high-schoolers and looks back on her own high-school days—and her discovery of American liberal-arts education.