Courtney Humphries

Harvard’s Elsie Sunderland maps invisible ocean pollutants

Elsie Sunderland traces the flows of human pollutants in the oceans. They come back to bite us.

Fish overharvesting, and human health

A worldwide decline in wild saltwater-fish populations threatens subsistence fishermen and the communities they feed.

Seeking the genetic underpinnings of mental illness

Harvard geneticists seek the biological basis for schizophrenia.

Using genes to predict risk of mental illness

Can genes predict risk of mental illness?

Global surgery gets a game plan, with Harvard players

Lack of access to surgery globally will cost $12.3 trillion during the next 15 years.

Harvard's Randy Buckner and Fenna Krienen say areas of the brain were untethered

A new theory posits that as the brain grew, some regions were freed from necessary tasks

Harvard Researchers probe Cancer genetics to target patient treatments

Genetic information about specific cancer can lead to better patient treatments

Scientists plumb the origins of life on Earth and other planets

How the Origins of Life Initiative began and continues now

The Origins of Life

Studying how life bloomed on Earth—and might emerge elsewhere

Brain Mapping project to rival or surpass human genome project

A project to map the brain is "the biggest challenge of the century."

Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas has built the largest protein interaction map to date

A map of protein interactions in fruit flies provides new ways to study disease.

Traumatic brain injury: research on causes, treatment, clinical applications

From causes to clinical applications and treatment, Harvard researchers investigate traumatic brain injury.