Krysten A. Keches

Bruce Corsino promotes plain language

Bruce Corsino promotes "usable, efficient, and transparent" writing inside government and out.

A new history of the Harvard Extension School

A new history by its dean, Michael Shinagel, documents the school's emphasis on accessibility and continuing education.

Healthy eating through soup

Teresa Chen ’64 promotes healthy soup-making and -eating.

Helping young musicians succeed

Amy Nathan ’67 aims to help kids over musical rough patches with The Young Musician’s Survival Guide.

Unicycling philanthropists

Philip Wharton ’82 and daughter Sophie ’11 pedal 100 miles for Afghan and Pakistani children.

Glimpses of Senior Life

The Harvard College experiences of three imminent alumni: Roger Fu, Marta Figlerowicz, and Tamara Jafar

Life in Counterpoint

Jonathan Newmark balances his day job and his music.

Life and Cupcakes

Jessi Walter has fun on the job.

Natural Baker

With her Naturally Nora cake and frosting mixes, Nora Schultz aims to provide quick and wholesome desserts.