Marina N. Bolotnikova

People-Powered Journalism

At Democracy Now! Amy Goodman goes “where the silence is.”

Sandra Susan Smith, profiled by Marina Bolotnikova

Sandra Susan Smith studies work and incarceration in an unequal, atomized America.

Profile of Radhika Jones

Radhika Jones at the helm of Vanity Fair

Peabody Museum Discovers Possible Slave Remains in Its Collections

“We must begin to confront the reality of a past in which academic curiosity and opportunity overwhelmed humanity,” Harvard president Lawrence Bacow wrote. 

Most Harvard Staff Will Be Remote through June 30

And other changes to Harvard’s COVID-19 workforce policies

Appeals Court Rules in Harvard’s Favor in Admissions Lawsuit

The latest ruling in a yearslong lawsuit alleging that the College’s admissions process discriminates against Asian-Americans 

Up Close (Virtually) with the Forbes Pigment Collection

Harvard’s world-famous collection of colors can now be enjoyed from home. 

See Their Faces

Confronting “some of the most challenging images in the history of photography”

When spending on social programs pays

Economic analysis of U.S. government spending shows that some social programs more than pay for themselves.

Appeals Court considers Harvard admissions lawsuit

The First Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on a much-watched lawsuit that could determine the future of affirmative action.

Review of Martin Puchner’s “The Language of Thieves”

A German American scholar is unsettled by an ancestor’s secret.