Stephanie Garlock

Harvard College dean Rakesh Khurana's agenda

Rakesh Khurana, dean of the College, asks hard questions about the mission of a Harvard education.

Harvard synthetic biology researchers built a transplantable circadian clock

Harvard synthetic biologists have engineered a circadian clock, with implications for treating obesity and metabolic diseases.

Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg awarded Radcliffe Medal

This year’s Radcliffe Medalist reflects on her Supreme Court career.

Artist Rick Lowe speaks at Harvard Graduate School of Design's 2015 Class Day

The Houston-based public artist addressed graduates and their families.

Harvard Kennedy School journal program connects students to the field

Through nine journals, students “take control of the narrative” surrounding public policy.

Harvard Islamic Legal Studies Program launches SHARIASource digital platform

SHARIASource—“Google-like aspirations” for an online resource on Islamic law

Divest Harvard Protesters Blockade President Faust's Massachusetts Hall Office

Invoking history, activists call weeklong event the “lunch-counter moment for the twenty-first century.”

Peabody museum curators discuss archaeology of Harvard Yard project

Archaeologists examine printing type found deep in Harvard Yard.

Harvard professors, journalist Nate Cohn discuss data and voting rights

Why good data are essential to understanding the Voting Rights Act

Pforzheimer House students dogsled over Harvard's Wintersession

In a new Pforzheimer House tradition, students reflect on life at Harvard, from the back of a dogsled.