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Alumni Gatherings

September-October 2005

Alumni colleges scheduled for this fall center on South Asia, career tactics, and the historic role of women during wartime. The events, organized by the HAA, are held in Cambridge, unless otherwise noted. For further information, call 617-495-1920 or visit

On October 8, “South Asia: A Changing World” features professor of international health Jennifer Leaning and Gardiner professor of oceanic history and affairs Sugata Bose. Bose is also the director of the University’s South Asia Initiative.

On October 19 at the Downtown Harvard Club of Boston, alumni are invited to “Creating Unexpected Opportunities,” where they can learn about new research techniques and how to create and take advantage of career openings.

On November 5, “The Schlesinger Collections: Women in the War Zone in the Twentieth Century,” offered with the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, includes two hours of lectures and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Schlesinger Library’s holdings. This alumni college event follows the October 1 opening of the library’s exhibit Women and War, and a November 3-4 conference entitled “In the War Zone: How Does Gender Matter?” Registration is required for the conference; call 617-495-8600, or visit