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There are thousands of blogs out there; Dalio and his staff read them so the rest of us don't have to...

At theissue.com, Matt Dalio ’06 compiles recent posts from various blogs and presents them in the format of an on-line newspaper. There are thousands of blogs out there; Dalio and his staff read them so the rest of us don't have to!

Dalio writes: "Our goal is to become a new kind of news source, one where the reader is exposed to different viewpoints, benefiting from the vast amount of knowledge and insight generated online each day. ...Our editorial pursuit of high-quality articles makes us the best way to get the benefits of this new media."

As we write this, the homepage features opinionated takes on the week's biggest stories (President Bush's trip to the Middle East, the ongoing mortgage-industry meltdown, and of course, Campaign 2008). There's also a compilation of stories about sustainable architecture; if that's gone from the main page by the time you look, find it here.

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