Songs from "Something Else" by Eisa Davis

Cover Art to <em>Something Else</em>

Eisa Davis ’92—actress, playwright, musician, dancer—is also known as the creator of "soulful, jazz-inflected songs." Her debut album, "Something Else" (available for purchase at CDBaby and on iTunes), features 10 of her own compositions. Two sample tracks can be heard here:

"40 Moons"

"Come On"

Rather than choosing any one form, Davis says in Harvard Magazine’s profile by Julia Wallace, she finds them mutually reinforcing. Her music "helps my playwriting for its rhythm and inevitability. Writing songs has helped me to become a more confident performer and to understand a character's lyricism, and playwriting has helped my acting and music…." Each craft is unique, she says, "and yet they all feed each other in sometimes unexpected ways." Indeed.

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