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First Amendment, slavery's reach, energy options...

July-August 2008


Unequal America

Causes and consequences of the wide—and growing—gap between rich and poor

by Elizabeth Gudrais

Eye on the Universe

The cosmic drama, as seen from a vantage in space: Harvard astronomers highlight important images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

by Jonathan Shaw , Jennifer Carling

Maxim Gorky

Brief life of a great enigma, the Russian author and political propagandist born Alexei Maksimovich Peshkov: 1868-1936...

by Donald Fanger

A Plague Reborn

The fight against an ancient scourge shifts to new battlegrounds...

by Jonathan Shaw

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

The Seductions of Snooping

Historian of science Kristie Macrakis has written Seduced by Secrets, a book about spying, techniques and gadgets used by the Stasi, communist East Germany's secret police...

Raiders Rehabilitated

Harvard Business School professor Josh Lerner and coauthors offer a revisionist view of corporate raiders and their Gordon Gekko image after reviewing 5,000 buyouts...

What Stress Reveals

Biologist Susan Lindquist investigates how HSP90 (heat-shock protein 90), a protein chaperone, provides a molecular mechanism that may help explain punctuated equilibrium in evolution...

John Harvard's Journal University news

University Magic

At a time of war and recession, Commencement takes stock of nation, University, and graduates' lives...

Honoris Causa

Three women and seven men received honorary degrees at Commencement.

Commencement Confetti

An omnium-gathering of notes and statistics, vital and otherwise...

Talk, Part I: On Service to Country

President Faust and an Iraq war veteran on graduates' opportunities...

Talk, Part II: "Life is Not a Check-List"

Fed chair Bernanke, J.K. Rowling, and President Faust on how to live well...

A Giant's Gift

David Rockefeller gives $100 million for international and arts education...

Open Access to Art

Student study centers in the renovated Fogg Museum...

Joanna Aizenberg

A bioengineer learns from sponges...

English Evolves--and Reverts

Speaking on behalf of the department he chairs, James Engell moved that it shed its current title (English and American literature and language) in favor of a streamlined one (English).

On the University's Agenda

University leaders in various forums outlined Harvard priorities and impending business concerning Allston, a new science initiative, and the University’s international aims.

University People

On April 15, vice president for finance Elizabeth Mora, Harvard’s chief financial officer, “announced her intention to step down” as of mid May.

Running Radcliffe

President Drew Faust on April 28 appointed Higgins professor of natural sciences Barbara J. Grosz to the deanship of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study (RIAS).

Public Health Horizons

When Barry Bloom looks around at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), he sees an institution that is more internationally engaged, more generous to its students, and home to more prizewinning researchers than when he arrived 10 years ago.

Endowments--Under a Tax?

The rising value of endowments belonging to private institutions of higher education is attracting critical political attention—a special challenge for Harvard, whose $34.9-billion endowment is much the largest.

What Makes (and Remakes) a House

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), in planning a major renovation of the 12 undergraduate residential Houses, has appointed a House Program Planning...

Yesterday's News

Headlines from Harvard history

A "Pause" and Progress in FAS

During spring faculty meetings, dean Michael D. Smith explained his approach to leading the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), with important implications for the growth of professorial ranks.

A Dominant Dean

Reflecting on the service of Jeremy R. Knowles, two-time dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

A Communal Campus?

President Drew Faust on April 24 appointed a University steering committee to explore improvements to Harvard’s Cambridge campus, with the aim...


Short takes on recent news

Education by Office Hour

The Harvard I know today began in the most unlikely of ways: with a cup of tea, served loose-leaf in a ceramic mug, as I sat at a table littered...

What Next for Ivy League Sports?

Ivy league executive director Jeff Orleans to retire

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

An Argument for Music

Critic Alex Ross keeps "classical" music current...

Two Musical Neighborhoods

Harvard professor Lewis Lockwood and the Julliard String Quartet have collaborated on Inside Beethoven's Quartets: History, Performance, Interpretation...

Anthologizing Yourself

Mary Jo Salter keeps her own (and others') poetry alive...

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words...

Thoroughly Eclectic

Performer Eisa Davis, now starring on Broadway in Passing Strange, stays open to her many artistic passions, including playwriting (Bulrusher, Angela's Mixtape) and singing (her devut album is Something Else)...

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections...

From Soaps to Solos

Operatic bass Ethan Herschenfeld sings around the world, but also enjoys acting on TV (Damages)...

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

In Their Nation's Service

Men of the College class of 1951 share lessons learned while doing their duty.

Set to Commence

The marshals of the College class of 2008 gathered with classmates for the Baccalaureate service on Tuesday, June 3.

And the Winners Are...

The names of the newly elected members of the Board of Overseers and directors of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) were announced at the association’s annual meeting.

Harvard Medalists

Three people received the Harvard Medal for outstanding service, and were publicly honored by President Drew Faust.

Centennial Medalists

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Centennial Medal, first awarded in 1989 on the occasion of the school’s hundredth anniversary, honors alumni who have made contributions to society that emerged from their graduate study at Harvard.

Cambridge Scholars

Four seniors have won Harvard Cambridge scholarships to study at Cambridge University during the 2008-2009 academic year.

Class Gifts

Why is it, University Treasurer James F. Rothenberg ’68, M.B.A. ’70, asked his Tercentenary Theatre audience on Thursday afternoon...

The Senior Celebrants

Two 99-year-olds—Frances Pass Addelson ’30, of Brookline, Massachusetts, and George Barner ’29, Ed ’32, L ’33, of Kennebunk, Maine—the oldest...

Save the Date

“From the Closet to a Place at the Table: Celebrating 25 Years of the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus” is the first-ever all-school...