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Articles: Alumni

Photograph of Chris Wallace moderating 2020 presidential debate

The moderator in the middle, as Donald Trump defines “debate” to mean “brawl” in his first face-off with Joe Biden, Cleveland, last September 29.

Photograph by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images


Chris Wallace has “the toughest job of any television journalist.”


Photograph of the world's first net-zero Victorian passive house

The world's first Victorian passive house, at 60 Stearns Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Photograph by Kristina DeMichele/Harvard Magazine

HBS alumna Betsy Harper develops the first net-zero-energy, Victorian “passive house” in the world.



Photograph of Kevin Young

Kevin Young

Photograph by Leah L. Jones, Photographer, National Museum of African American History & Culture, Smithsonian Institution.

The acclaimed poet and director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture will speak at the annual meeting on June 4—and other graduation-week speakers are announced. 


From left to right: Walter K. Clair, Nancy-Beth Gordon Sheerr, Preston N. Williams.

Photographs courtesy of HAA. 

Alumni Association announces Harvard Medalists.



a hat made of jaguar pelt

Hat courtesy of the Houghton Library. Photograph by Jim Harrison

Two explorers strip to stay aloft.

May-June 2021

Photograph of Harvard economist Martin Feldstein

Martin S. Feldstein

Photograph by Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Wisdom from the Great Depression—plus an accomplished economist, and rowdiness on the Charles

May-June 2021

The Overseer and Harvard Alumni Association director slates

May-June 2021

Pediatrician Eileen Costello stands next to the Boston Medical Center’s mobile pediatric clinic.

Eileen Costello says working at a hospital like BMC “is the reason I went to medical school.”

Photograph by Stu Rosner

A pediatrician cares for a city’s children.

May-June 2021

Portrait photograph of Maggie Shipstead

Maggie Shipstead

Photograph courtesy of Maggie Shipstead

Maggie Shipstead’s time-spanning, globe-circling new novel

May-June 2021