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Photo portraits of the 2020 Miller-Hunn Award winners


The College Admissions Office’s 2020 Miller-Hunn Award winners


A selection of our readers’ and writers’ favorite longform profiles


Photographs of Harvard Forward petition candidates for Board of Overseer: Yvette Efevbera, Natalie Unterstell, and Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

From left: Yvette Efevbera, Natalie Unterstell, and Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

Photographs courtesy of Harvard Forward

Three aspirants for election to the Board of Overseers, under its new rules limiting petition candidates 


Collage of Cover of Fevers, Feuds and Diamonds by Paul Farmer and a Headshot of Paul Farmer.

Cover of Fevers, Feuds and Diamonds by Paul Farmer and Photograph of Paul Farmer

Photograph of Paul Farmer by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communication


The 2014 epidemic was rooted in centuries of exploitation and war, Paul Farmer argues.


Harvard professional schools continue (mostly) online learning during the next semester—and other indicators for 2021.


Michael Fabiano in the Associated Press newsroom

Michael Fabiano, A.L.M. ’16, in the AP newsroom.

Photo courtesy of the AP

The AP’s Michael Fabiano on the 2020 election


Historic photograph of Charles Follen Cabot, Civil War soldier, standing, in uniform

Photograph courtesy of W. Todd Groce

A Civil War image and an Empire State Building homage

November-December 2020

Ross Douthat standing in a wooded park

Ross Douthat sees American society stagnating amid tired culture wars and a gridlocked political system.

Photograph by Stu Rosner

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat’s journey through American decadence and upheaval

November-December 2020

Portrait photograph of a middle-aged Lorenzo Tañada as a Philippine senator

Lorenzo Tañada as a senator (in an undated portrait) 

Portrait courtesy of the National Library of the Philippines /Wikipedia/Public Domain

Brief life of a Philippine patriot: 1898-1992

November-December 2020