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Articles: Alumni

Photo of Carolyn Gold and the cover of her book, When I Died

Carolyn Gold intended her book to be a resource for other brain-injury patients.

Photograph courtesy of Carolyn Gold; photo collage by Niko Yaitanes


Alumna Carolyn Gold on finding a “new self” after West Nile encephalitis


Photograph of Edgar J. Banks as he appeared in a 1920s book on his archaeological explorations

Edgar J. Banks as he appeared in Bismya; or The Lost City of Adab

University of Chicago Library’s Electronic Open

Brief life of an entrepreneurial archaeologist: 1866-1945

November-December 2021

Penny Pritzker

Corporation member Penny Pritzker underwrites new economics building

© Moshe Zusman Photography Studio

Landmark support for an eminently strong department


Namwali Serpell speaking on video chat from her office

Namwali Serpell
Screenshot by Harvard Magazine

The acclaimed author and English professor will explore mourning and reunion in The Furrows: An Elegy.


Students gather on the grass in Harvard yard

Harvard Yard  

Photograph by Meena Venkataramanan

A recent graduate visits Harvard during a semi-normal semester


Alice Hill at podium speaking

Alice Hill

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The Harvard Alumni Association acknowledges links with Native people.


Dan Barouch

Dan Barouch

Photograph courtesy of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Dan Barouch awarded $24.5 million for HIV research, Marc Lipsitch named to national center for public health forecasting


Photograph of Ekpar Asat and Rayhan Asat.

Rayhan Asat with her brother Ekpar

Photograph courtesy of Rayhan Asat

Rayhan Asat is speaking out against the imprisonment of her brother Ekpar, drawing attention to the plight of Uighurs in China.


Views of orchards and iconic red bar at Lookout farm

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A day at Lookout Farm offers scenic views of barns and orchards 

Photograph by Stu Rosner

A pandemic-era restaurant-plus-farm thrives in Natick, Massachusetts

September-October 2021