Students & Alumni

Leading with Care

Michael Hill strikes the right balance.

by Max J. Krupnick

A conceptual illustration of a student seated in a classroom facing an imagined image of herself in a different environment with flowers and rocks

Is Pedagogy About Us?

Questioning the intellectual rigor of bringing identity into the classroom

by Isabella Cho

What Work Means

Does Gen Z expect too much from employers?

by Aden Barton

Woman sitting in front of a screen with a blue glow

Practicing Public Thoughts

For a young journalist, digital footprints have always been tricky.

by Josie Abugov

In Defense of Liberal Arts

A semester abroad clarifies the value of the curriculum back home.

by Sofia Andrade

Uncharted Territory

A recent graduate thinks about what is means to take unconventional paths after Harvard.

by Josie Abugov

The Climate Connection Between Campus and Home

An undergraduate perspective on the gathering crisis

by Sofia Andrade