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Historic Humor

University Archives to preserve Harvard Lampoon materials

Photograph of Winthrop Bell 1910

Winthrop Bell

Brief life of a philosopher and spy: 1884-1965

by Jason Bell

Illustration for Harvard Lampoon cover showing a Harvard-Yale football game rendered in the style of the famous Bayeux Tapestry

Football: The Tapestry

David C.K. McClelland’s famous Lampoon cover

by Craig Lambert

Claudine Gay at the podium

A “Romper Room” Diploma

President Claudine Gay’s first semester-opening Morning Prayers

by John S. Rosenberg

Ursula B. Marvin

Brief life of a pioneering planetary geologist: 1921-2018

by David A. Kring

The Eviction of the Bow & Arrow Press

The Adams House space that gave the letterpress studio its name will become a student common room.

by Craig Lambert

Archibald Henry Grimke

Brief life of a Black Harvard Law School graduate: 1849-1930

by Kerri K. Greenidge

Hume, Heaney, Harvard—and Peace in Northern Ireland

In life and literature, living “dangerously out between” opposing factions while seeking common ground

by Marilynn Richtarik

Henry Clarke Warren

Brief life of a Harvard-educated Buddhist scholar: 1854-1899

by David Gauld

Over the River Dept.

Cornhole at HBS, prayer and meditation at SEAS, minerologist’s meter, eclipse aficionado

by Primus VI

Fernando Zóbel-Montojo

Brief life of an abstract painter: 1924-1984

by Felipe Pereda