Students & Alumni

Bringing Art to Life

Cecilia Zhou’s approach to makeup, protest, and science

by Max J. Krupnick

The New Little Magazines

Keeping literature and long-form journalism alive

by Nancy Walecki

Dialed In

“The Dial,” reborn

by Nancy Walecki

“This global, diverse, vibrant community”

Alumni Association President Ty Moore

by Nell Porter Brown

Getting His Reps in

Anwar Floyd-Pruitt’s wildly profuse art

by Lydialyle Gibson

The Men Who Can’t Be Saved

Novelist Ben Purkert’s playfully serious look at masculinity

by Stuart Miller

Treating Boston’s “Rough Sleepers”

Tracy Kidder and physician Jim O’Connell discuss health care for the homeless.

by Ryan Doan-Nguyen

Harvard’s NBA Champion

Denver Nuggets assistant general manager Tommy Balcetis ’10 

by David L. Tannenwald

Sound as Ever

Gram Parsons and Harvard’s hand in country rock

by Nancy Walecki

Ursula B. Marvin

Brief life of a pioneering planetary geologist: 1921-2018

by David A. Kring

Something from Nothing

Painter, animator, illustrator, and silhouettist Susan Bin

by Max J. Krupnick