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Cambridge 02138

Readers’ views about healthy diets, teachers off the tenure track, mitzvot, and more


Taking his leave, President Bacow concludes that truly, “At Harvard, wonders never cease.”  

Unfinished Business

As President Bacow passes the baton to President Gay, work remains in Allston, online education, FAS planning, and admissions

May-June 2023

On the cover: The Embrace, on Boston Common, site design by MASS Design. Photograph by MASS Design Group


Building a Better World

MASS Design’s healing architecture

by Mark Travis

Among the Brokenhearted

The ministry of Matthew Ichihashi Potts

by Nancy Walecki

Archibald Henry Grimke

Brief life of a Black Harvard Law School graduate: 1849-1930

by Kerri K. Greenidge

Plumbing the Deep Sea

Peter Girguis probes life on the ocean floor.

by Veronique Greenwood

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Making Charitable Giving More Competent

How psychological insight can make altruism more rewarding and effective

Enablers of the Unethical

A Harvard Business School professor turns the stage lights on the supporting cast that facilitates unethical acts

Using Cancer to Kill Cancer

A novel immunotherapy turns cancer against itself.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Acting on Slavery’s Legacy

A campus memorial, a senior adviser on engaging with HBCUs, reaching out to descendants, and teaching what has been learned

Publisher Departs

A thank you for years of dedicated service

Roger Fu

A paleomagnetics scholar who uses ancient rocks to peer into the early lives of Earth and Mars

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history

Seeking Climate Solutions

Teams of Harvard researchers have developed concrete proposals for addressing specific climate impacts.

An Academic Worker’s Union?

Organizing efforts and tough wage negotiations on campus

News in Brief

Commencement speakers, women's hockey investigation, visual-culture curator, and more

Vote Now

Candidates for Overseers and HAA elected directors

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Comedy with a Conscience

Jimmy Tingle’s political humor in a polarized era

Pinned in Memory

Susan Rubin Suleiman’s memoir of a life in Nazi Hungary—and after

Finding the Movie

Screenwriter Julian Breece on “writing from the soul”

Off the Shelf

In love with Harvard Square, the invention of ICUs, Seamus Heaney

Stories of a Not-So-Distant War

Novelist V.V. Ganeshananthan on writing diasporic fiction

The Modern World Reconceived

Interpreting politics through the rise of technocracy, morality, and the “web of capital”

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Fall River: Phoenix Rising?

“A good place to be pleasantly surprised”

Reframing American Art

Contextualized Spanish colonial works at the Harvard Art Museums

Eating Around Cambridge

A selection of celebratory spots

Commencement and Alumni Events 2023

Speakers, ceremonies, and celebrations

Trading Finance for Flowers

Cultivating local blooms in Upton, Massachusetts

Sweet Dreams

Where to sleep, sup, and sip in Harvard Square and beyond this spring. 

University People Harvardians far and wide

“Something Is Very Broken”

Boston Area Gleaners fights hunger from the ground up.

Helping Hands

Future physician Victor A. Lopez-Carmen fights for Indigenous healthcare equity

The Climate Connection Between Campus and Home

An undergraduate perspective on the gathering crisis