Tweeting Her Way to Comic Heights

Writer Megan Amram '10 builds her fan base on Twitter.

“I just shot a pilot! Also, I filmed a TV show!”

The tweets of Megan Amram ’10 aren’t exactly sunny, but her specific, macabre type of funny has caught the eye of Hollywood, as well as her growing number of followers on Twitter. The former psychology concentrator, just profiled in the Boston Globe, now writes for the Disney tween show A.N.T Farm, but her celebrity isn’t limited to the Los Angeles area: she's gaining an increasing amount of attention on the Internet. The Huffington Post recently featured her as one of the “18 Funny Women You Should Be Following on Twitter,” and more than 125,000 viewers have seen her YouTube video documenting her spoofed audition for Glee.

Amram got her start at Harvard, where she and Alexandra Petri ’10 penned the Hasty Pudding shows Commie Dearest and Acropolis Now, becoming the first all-women writers’ team in Pudding history. (Petri now blogs for the Washington Post; her political and cultural commentary "puts the 'pun' in punditry," the tagline claims.) Amram was also a member of the Signet Society and heavily involved in the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club. And she might someday go back to her acting roots. “I love performing,” she told Globe reporter  Joseph P. Kahn ’71. “Not because I think I’m any good at it, but because I love being in front of people and acting, like, stupid.”

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