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Classifieds FAQs


Q: Do you have advice on how to run a successful advertising campaign?

A: From deciding on a budget to figuring out your advertising goals and tailoring your message to the audience you want to reach, we have you covered. Click here for our “How Advertising Works” information or call 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds or email: and we can assist you with creating an effective ad campaign that resonates with the Harvard community.

Q: What classified categories do you offer?

A: We have categories to fit almost any advertisement. Our main section headers include Vacation Rentals, Personals, Real Estate, and Products & Services.

Q: What does it cost to advertise?

A: View a complete list of options and prices.

Q: Does it cost anything to boldface words in my text ad?

A: The first 2 words in the ad are boldfaced for no additional charge. Additional boldfacing costs 2X the per-word rate.

Q: Are there other ways to make my text ad stand out?

A: There are four ways to make your text ad stand out:

  1. Add our star icon to highlight your text ad for $40.
  2. Add a crimson border to your text ad for $65.
  3. Have your Harvard class year information in bolded red text for $10.
  4. Buy an online classified ad. Online classifieds appear concurrently with each print issue for just $40 extra. This is an excellent way to reinforce your print advertisement. If you miss a print deadline and want to advertise online instead, the cost is $5.40 per word (the same as a print ad). Another added bonus: your online ad can be linked directly to your webpage or email address. You can also include photos with your online text ad for $40 per photo.

To see examples of these enhancements click here.

Q: What if I want to use a photo, logo, or color in my print ad?

A: You can buy a display ad, which allows for logos and artwork. Display ads cannot be purchased using our online order form. Call 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds or email for assistance.

Q: Can my ad to be placed in a certain part of a section (e.g. the first ad in a category, not toward the bottom, etc.)?

A: Positioning guarantees are not available in the classifieds section.

Q: When is my classified ad due?

A: Our 2024 issue dates and deadlines are as follows:


Deadline for Ads

Date Published

Jan-Feb 2024



Mar-Apr 2024



May-June 2024



Jul-Aug 2024



Sep-Oct 2024



Nov-Dec 2024



Q: Do you offer frequency discounts?

A: Our most successful advertisers get a greater response when doing multiple issues versus just one issue. It’s akin to when you see an ad on TV, hear it on the radio, or see it in a newspaper or magazine only 1 time and never again, you are less likely to act on it than if you had seen or heard it multiple times.
We do offer the following frequency discounts for multiple insertions:

  • 10% off for 3 issues
  • 15% off for 4 or 5 issues
  • 20% off for 6 issues

*In order to receive frequency discounts, your ad must be pre-paid in full for all insertions at time of sale. These frequency discounts do not apply to Harvard Alumni Business Network ads or Special Section ads.

Q: Can you help me write my ad or suggest changes?

A: Yes! Call 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds or email: and we can assist you with creating an effective ad campaign that resonates with the Harvard community. We encourage you to browse our classifieds to see what other advertisers are doing and to see which ads stand out most to you.
*Design services for display ads are available for $70 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge. There is no charge for assistance in wording text ads.

Q: How do I pay for my classified ad?

A: All ads must be pre-paid. We accept payment via credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover), U.S. check, or money order. If paying by check or money order, your payment must be received and processed by the issue deadline.

Q: How do I gauge the effectiveness of my ad? 

A: Measuring a return on your investment can be tricky with advertising, but here are a few things you can do to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign:
• Compare inquiries and sales before, during, and after your ad campaign. (Keep in mind that advertising often has a delayed effect, so sales may not come immediately.)
• Ask people who contact you (especially new customers) how they heard about you.
• Offer a special incentive so you know customers are responding to your ad. For example, “mention this ad and get a 20% discount.” You can set up a customized link for the ad on your website, and then track how many people use that link with your website’s analytics. (e.g. visit and get 20% off your order).
• Click through rates (CTRs) don’t tell the whole story. Look at your website’s analytics to see if there is an uptick visitors, time spent on your site, or page views. Did you receive any referral traffic from Harvard Magazine’s website? Did a visit convert to a sale or action (e.g. did a visitor send you an email or sign up for your mailing list)?
• Don't expect a phone call or increased traffic to your website after running one ad. Customers may need to see your ad multiple times before they take action. This is why we strongly recommend advertising in at least 3 issues of the magazine to start. See our frequency discounts for multiple insertions.

• Know that a big part of advertising is building awareness about your business, product, or service–as well as engaging with potential and returning customers. The more familiar your customers become with your brand, the more likely they are to trust you–and to think of you first–when they need your services.

Q: I am ready to place my ad. What do I do now?

A: To place a text ad, click here, email:, call: 617-496-6686 or Skype: hmagclassifieds. Our online order form is not able to handle display ads or search engine optimization ads, so if you wish to place one of these types of ads, please contact us via email, phone or Skype (noted above).

Q: I know I want to place an ad, but I still have questions. What should I do?

A: Please contact the Classifieds Department at 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds or email us at:

Q: What if I want to place an ad in another part of the magazine (outside of the classifieds section)?

A: View our national ad rates, Harvard Squared ad rates, and digital/newsletter rates. For more information, please contact Bob Fitta, Director of Advertising, at 617-496-6631 or email him at

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