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Ceridwen Dovey
Photograph courtesy of Ceridwen Dovey


How Harvard reunions are cast in Ceridwen Dovey’s Life After Truth


From left: David L. Evans, Leila T. Fawaz, and Joseph J. O'Donnell

The Harvard Alumni Association recognizes three individuals for their extraordinary service to the University.


The HAA recognizes those who bolster Harvard clubs and SIGs.

March-April 2020

For outstanding service to the University

November-December 2019

Photo of Michelle Walsh and Benjamin Roy

Michelle Walsh and Benjamin Roy

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association

Honoring those who enrich the quality of life in their Houses

November-December 2019

Photograph of Alice Hill

Alice Hill
Photograph by Jim Harrison

Harvard Alumni Association president Alice Hill ’81, Ph.D. ’91

September-October 2019

From left: Teresita Alvarez-Bjelland, Dan H. Fenn Jr., Tamara Elliott Rogers
Photographs from left by: Jim Harrison; Kris Snibbe/HPAC; Jim Harrsion

For extraordinary service to the University

July-August 2019