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Prince Shōtoku at Age Two, a thirteenth-century Japanese icon made of wood with inlaid quartz eyes

Image courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Partial and promised gift of Walter C. Sedgwick in memory of Ellery Sedgwick Sr. and Ellery Sedgwick Jr., 2019.122.


A Harvard Art Museums exhibit reunites a thirteenth-century Japanese icon with artifacts it once held.


Photograph of David Damrosch

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(1 of 4) David Damrosch
Photograph by Stu Rosner

David Damrosch’s literary global reach

September-October 2019

Painted portrait of Adella Hunt Logan

This portrait of Hunt Logan by the Parisian-trained, African-American painter William Edouard Scott, was begun in 1915 while he was in residence at Tuskegee and completed at her daughter’s direction in 1918.
Portrait from Adele Logan Alexander’s personal collection

Brief life of a rebellious black suffragist: 1863-1915

September-October 2019

Photo of a defunct Saturn dealership

Remote corporate decisions devastate local employers: a defunct Saturn dealer

Photograph by Paul Velgos/Alamy Stock Photo

“The rise of the deal and the decline of the American dream”

September-October 2019

An illustration depicting the loss of mental functioning

Photograph by Brian Light/Alamy Stock Photos

A medical anthropologist cares for his Alzheimer’s-stricken wife.

September-October 2019

A stage set from “The Bridges of Madison County”

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(1 of 4) Mak designed lighting for a 2019 staging of The Bridges of Madison County by the Philadelphia Theater Company.

Photograph by Rich Hein

Lighting and set designer Elizabeth Mak communicates stories.

September-October 2019

Photograph of Dauphin Island, Alabama, after Hurricane Katrina, 2005, illustrating risks of coastal development as climate change progresses

Dauphin Island, Alabama, after Katrina, 2005: a recurrent, man-made disaster that ignores nature—and climate change

Photograph by Gilbert M. Gaul

Recent books with Harvard connections

September-October 2019

A still from “Reneepoptosis” by animator Renee Zhang

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(1 of 2) In “Reneepoptosis,” by animator Renee Zhan, three versions of the artist go on a quest for God, traversing an unfamiliar terrain that turns out to be her own body.

Film still courtesy of Renee Zhan

Animator Renee Zhan finds self-discovery in strange landscapes.

September-October 2019

Photograph of redeveloped Boston Government Center, 1971

The redeveloped Government Center, Boston, 1971, and surrounding private buildings

Photograph courtesy of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

In the history of urban renewal, a glimmer of the possibilities of social policy today

September-October 2019