Arts & Culture

Model Masterpieces

Thirteen sculptures from Gian Lorenzo Bernini at Harvard Art Museums.

by Nina Pasquini

Off the Shelf

Nicholas Kristof reporting, why voting matters, becoming famous, and more in books

Israel, Idea and State

How should Progressive Jews reconcile the changing nature of Israel today as state and ideal?

In Egypt, Doors Closing

Leslie T. Change ’91 explores the lives of three women in the Egyptian textile industry.

Who Was John Greenleaf Whittier?

Homes of the poet and abolitionist, whose verses were said to have inspired Abraham Lincoln. 

by Nell Porter Brown

Making the Public Record Public

Harvard legal database released

by Max J. Krupnick

The Essential Educator for His Time

A life of Princeton’s Bill Bowen

by Howard Gardner

Spellbound on Stage

Actor and young adult novelist Aislinn Brophy

by Lydialyle Gibson

The Happy Warrior Redux

Hubert Humphrey’s liberalism reconsidered

A Dogged Observer

Novelist and psychiatrist Daniel Mason takes the long view.

by Max J. Krupnick

Off the Shelf

Revolutionizing French fashion, early Chinese writing, and more