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Reginald Dwayne Betts seated in front of a black background

Reginald Dwayne Betts performs Felon: A play; A discourse during a virtual lecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Screenshot by Harvard Magazine 


Poet and lawyer—and MacArthur “genius”—Reginald Dwayne Betts on art and imprisonment


Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

Photograph courtes of Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

Elisabeth Sharp McKetta ’01 finds truth in the border between fact and fiction.

November-December 2021

Namwali Serpell speaking on video chat from her office

Namwali Serpell
Screenshot by Harvard Magazine

The acclaimed author and English professor will explore mourning and reunion in The Furrows: An Elegy.


Photographic portrait of James Agee

James Agee

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard University Archives

Bow and Arrow’s mechanic, James Agee’s creative turbulence

September-October 2021

Mark Saltveit writes "Wow" on a piece of glass

World champion palindromist Mark Saltveit and one of the simplest palindromes in the English language

Photograph by Caleb Kenna

Mark Saltveit and the art of the palindrome

September-October 2021

Nabaneeta and Nandana Dev Sen embracing in 2018

Nabaneeta and Nandana Dev Sen in 2018

Photograph by Mala Mukerjee

A new book presents a mother and daughter’s final collaboration

September-October 2021

Photo of Bonnie Tsui standing on a pier

<p class="caption">For as long as she can remember, Bonnie Tsui has been drawn to the water: “that slide into lovely immersion, that spiraling weightlessness.”</p><p class="credit">Photograph by Lynsay Skiba</p>

In the swim with Bonnie Tsui

July-August 2021

Namwali Serpell

Photograph by Liz Hafalia/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

The professor of English is also a novelist and a critic.

July-August 2021

Melvin B. Miller

Melvin B. Miller

Photograph courtesy of Melvin B. Miller

The founder, editor, and publisher of The Bay State Banner profiled