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Claire Dickson

Claire Dickson

Portrait by Lærke Rose


Singer-songwriter Claire Dickson '19 releases debut album inspired by the tundra


Designer Katiti Kirondé with her white shirts at the Fashion Lab of Fisher College in Boston

Designers, models, and merchants tint the fashion industry Crimson.

January-February 2013

From “flash sale” mania to renting a $10,000 Vera Wang gown, Harvard alumni are taking the world of online fashion by storm.


The Square has always attracted those who want to shop, eat, gawk, and play.

An iconic space reflects history’s recent trends.

September-October 2011

Sandra Bullock arrives at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards in a violet Bottega Veneta gown.

Should U.S. fashion designers enjoy the same copyright protection as fellow creative artists—and their European counterparts?

July-August 2010

Laura Mehlinger with a Colorfield romper, in silk with mesh streamers (left), and a silk-and-mesh veil chemise

Fashion designer Laura Mehlinger draws on inspirations ranging from Vladimer Nabokow to Prince.

May-June 2010

Start with a stance that points the heel of one foot toward the middle of the other. Stand up tall, your back slightly arched. Stride forward...

May-June 2007